How to Use Pre-Built Automation with Your Custom Ecommerce Platform


Remember learning math in grade school? Your teacher most likely gave you lots of problems to solve that helped you learn a new concept. These example problems provided the foundation to help you learn more advanced concepts as you grew.

Ecommerce marketers use marketing automation to help solve the problem of communicating with customers at scale with timely, relevant messages. There are plenty of basic marketing automations like welcome series, abandoned cart, and browse abandonment to use for this purpose. There are also more advanced automations like winbacks, cross-sell/up-sell, and personalizing basic automations with customized messages for different groups of customers. 

The foundation for successful email automation lives in the data. Automations use triggers to send emails at the right time. For example, an abandoned cart email should go out after someone fills their cart with products but doesn’t purchase. This type of action on your ecommerce store must seamlessly connect with your email platform to execute successful marketing automation. 

For custom ecommerce platforms, this seamless data integration is more challenging and time-consuming than it is for stores built on platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce. But, Klaviyo has solved that problem. 

Klaviyo’s Flow Library provides examples of marketing automations that even custom ecommerce platform stores can set-up quickly. It also provides a foundation to level up and use more advanced automations.  

Chances are, if you have a store with a custom platform, you’ve run into difficult integration challenges in the past. Klaviyo’s open API documentation makes it easy to get your critical ecommerce data into Klaviyo without spending tons of time or resources so you’re on the fast track to making money. 

custom-ecommerce-platform-automationOnce your data is flowing, you can quickly create a flow and start sending automated messages. Just select any of the pre-built automations designed to work with your store and metrics. This helps you spend less time on getting things set up and more time on generating sales. 

The flow library for custom platforms includes 14 pre-built automations. And they’re not just your basic welcome series and abandoned cart automations, either. You also get advanced automations like an abandoned cart flow that’s split for high-value and low-value carts. Right out of the gate, you can personalize your abandoned cart messaging to recover more sales.

Even if the pre-built flows aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can still build the automation you want. Start with one of the pre-built flows and then change a trigger, a filter, or something else to customize it to your liking. The Flow Library gives you a great head start so rather than spending weeks setting things up, you can optimize your flows to earn more money fast.

Starting your automated marketing is typically challenging with a custom ecommerce platform. Klaviyo’s Flow Library now removes that challenge.

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