Content Tips for Your Post-Purchase Emails

post-purchase content

In this post, I’ll continue discussing this week’s theme: post-purchase emails. To briefly refresh your memory, I’ve already posted about the three types of post-purchase emails, when to send them, and how to segment them. Today, I’ll go over what content you should include in your post-purchase emails.

Thank You

post-purchase contentFirst and foremost, your “thank you” emails should include an image of the product or products a customer purchased. By reminding the customer of what they just bought, you build excitement and anticipation of the product’s delivery.

Next, you should include a personalized note to your customers. Don’t be too formal in your copy and be sure to address your customers by their first names. Consider including a handwritten signature from your CEO or other member of your staff to add another, personal touch.

Product Review

post-purchase content (2)Like your “thank you” emails, your product review emails should include an image of the product that the customer purchased. To make the purpose of the email clear, you can also include an image of five stars, a happy vs. sad emoticon, or some other icon that conveys this message.

Feature other positive product reviews to add social proof to your email. If one customer sees that many other customers have reviewed, they will be more likely to likely to review in turn.

Finally, encourage customers to share positive comments on social media by including links to your social media profiles in your email. If you’d like to take this a step further, this free share link generator tool will allow you to create social sharing links for specific pages.

Product Recommendation

post-purchase content (3)

Product recommendation emails, above all, should include images of the recommended products. For these emails, you don’t have to include an image the product that a customer previously purchased, since you don’t want to distract from the product recommendations. Instead, mention that the customer is receiving this email because they purchased a specific product and might also like the other products you feature.

Feature three to six recommended products above the fold of the email. If you feature too few product recommendations, your customers may feel as though they don’t have many options. If you give them too many options, on the other hand, your customers might find it difficult to make a decision. Beneath these products, include the product title and price. A product recommendation email should make it as easy as possible for the customer to return to the site and make an additional purchase, so keep this in mind when crafting your template.


The content that you include in your post-purchase emails should reflect the purpose of the email. Since there are three different types of post-purchase emails, the content and layout of each should vary. That said, in all your post-purchase emails, you should include a line thanking them for their purchase, even if you’re not sending an explicit “thank you” email.

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