Consolidate your retention marketing efforts under one roof

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If you’re like most businesses, you have plenty of data.

But you’re unable to execute the data-based retention marketing tactics you deem important because your data isn’t clean, it isn’t stored in a consistent format, and it’s not easily accessible.

Clean, consistent, reliable data is what allows you to dream up and implement complex, varsity-level marketing initiatives. Think: 6 simultaneous campaigns in a single week, each targeted to a different audience based on what you know or predict they’re going to do next.

That’s exactly the kind of thing restaurant-quality cookware brand Made In is able to achieve, now that they’ve consolidated email, SMS, and reviews in Klaviyo.

Unify your data to build lifelong relationships with satisfied customers

Made In’s email, SMS, and reviews programs were all strong. But they were siloed between 3 different platforms that didn’t talk to each other, which made it hard to create a cohesive digital experience. Even worse: The team didn’t always have time to monitor and optimize each channel.

Here’s how Made In uses Klaviyo to make their data more actionable:

Activate the data you have.

By consolidating email, SMS, and review syndication in Klaviyo, Made In now has a clearer understanding of what their data is telling them—and that knowledge lays the foundation for a “surround-sound” customer experience across channels.

Connect with your customers.

The Made In team uses Klaviyo Reviews to ask purchasers custom questions—like what type of food they cook, how often they cook, and what type of content they want. That zero-party data forms the backbone of future email and SMS personalization efforts.

Guide your marketing efforts using smart features.

The Made In team leans on their Klaviyo CSMs to provide marketing and ecommerce insights they can easily transform into new tactics.

Grow toward your goals.

Compared to their first quarter with Klaviyo, when Made In was using Klaviyo for email only, the team has grown average order value 26.1% and reduced unsubscribes by 66.3%. They’ve also strengthened their reviews program—and surpassed 100K 5-star reviews.

Gather in-depth insights with custom questions

Sending personalized marketing that resonates with consumers requires crafting marketing around a combination of behavioral data as well as zero-party data—information your customers share with you voluntarily.

One efficient way to gather more zero-party data: Ask your customers questions while they’re already reviewing your products. In Klaviyo Reviews, custom questions are questions that pertain directly to your brand—and you can draft them with the goal of gaining deeper insights to inform your future segmentation and personalization efforts.

To build a custom product question in Klaviyo:

  1. In the left-side navigation, select “Reviews”.
  2. Click “Review settings”.
  3. Click “Review questions”. Note that the default question type is product.
  4. Under “Add question”, choose a question type (i.e., single-choice, multi-choice, range, centered range).
  5. Complete the question fields, then click “Add question”.

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