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Customer data ownership
November 30, 2023
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It’s generally considered a no-no to push a cross-sell on a customer who just bought a product.

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes: you just spent money with a brand, and they immediately start nagging you to spend even more. It’s a bad look—and off-putting to boot.

You need to treat that customer like you care about them as a person, not just a line in a spreadsheet you’re trying to squeeze more dollar signs out of. In other words: You need to provide value.

It’s a worthwhile exercise for two reasons. First, understanding someone’s post-purchase pain points builds deeper customer empathy. Second, when your customers feel like you’ve taken the time to help them get the most out of your products, it builds brand trust.

Cargo Crew adopted a value-first approach when they planned out their post-purchase experience, and it paid off—or, more accurately, paid for itself.

Nurture customers with cross-channel, educational value—the results may surprise you

During Cargo Crew’s first year with Klaviyo, the team was on a mission to majorly revamp their post-purchase journey.

Here’s one step they took using a full-platform approach:

  1. Activate the data you have: Using the Klaviyo x Facebook integration and purchase and history data collected via a custom-built integration with commercetools (provided from their managing agency), Cargo Crew was able to retarget customers with paid social messages, highlighting care guides for recent purchases.
  2. Connect with your customers: In addition to social media, Cargo Crew connects with their audience via email.
  3. Guide your marketing efforts using smart features: When it came to updating their post-purchase email automation, the team relied on Klaviyo’s A/B testing feature to confidently make changes to the flow’s send time and subject lines.
  4. Grow toward your goals: The goal was to provide value to customers post-purchase. On Facebook, Cargo Crew did that and more. Customers not only engaged with the care messaging, they reordered from it—and it drove a recent ROAS of 29.9x. The team saw 3.5x growth in revenue per recipient on the optimized post-purchase email flow.

Test as you go—and optimize in real time

In Klaviyo, you don’t have to put everything on hold to run an A/B test. You can run a test while an email or SMS automation is live. Your business doesn’t stop, so your marketing shouldn’t, either.

Here’s how to kick off an A/B test mid-email flow:

  1. Create a flow just as you normally would.
  2. Configure two or more email variations for one of the messages within your flow email—adjusting the subject line or core email content for each variation.
  3. Select the weight of each variation to establish the percentage of people who will receive each email.
  4. Set Klaviyo to choose a winning variation automatically after statistical significance is reached, or manually choose a winner based on the highest open rate or highest click rate between the message variations.

Simply get rid of the variation that didn’t perform as well, and move on to the next test. Klaviyo does the hard work for you. Get smarter as you go—your customers and bottom line will thank you for it.

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Emily Riedy
Emily Riedy
Content marketing manager
Emily Riedy is a content marketing manager at Klaviyo where she works to publish content to educate and inspire online businesses owners and email marketers. Owned marketing channels are a means to building a substantial customer base for the long-term, and the content Emily is most passionate about helps business operators create strong business foundations in owned marketing principles. Before Klaviyo, Emily worked at a paid ads agency helping businesses transform their approach to digital advertising. When she's not strategizing marketing content, she is running around the streets of Boston training for whatever race is next up on the docket. She lives in the South End with her 2 year-old basenji Fig and frequents (probably too regularly) the local Spanish tapas spot.