Case Study: Email is a Two-Way Street for BombTech Golf

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We’ve just published our latest case study — and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

The team at BombTech Golf shared some incredible numbers with us.

For example, in the past year, their automated emails alone generated nearly $1M in revenue.

And as founder Tyler “Sully” Sullivan says, “Every time we add an email to any flow, or send any new campaign, it makes us money, guaranteed.”

In fact, right now, they’re building an email flow with more than 50 (yes, 50) emails.

Here’s the thing, though.

They’re not just sending their subscribers as many emails as possible. For BombTech Golf, communication goes both ways. To them, email is a conversation.

“We don’t say, ‘Okay, we’re gonna blast you with promos and hope you guys buy,’” Sully explains. “We need to figure out what you want, have honest communication, and earn the right to offer you the right offer at the right time.”

So before you head over to our new BombTech Golf case study (or start working on your own 50-email flow), find out more about how the team invests in communicating with their customers.

Like hearing from someone you know

At the foundation of the BombTech Golf email strategy is a commitment to making communication feel personal.

Just a year after starting the company, Sully began making videos to strengthen credibility and connection with his customers.

“I started putting myself on camera back in 2013,” he says.“People felt like they were buying from a person, not a brand.”

To reinforce this connection, he also made sure that he was signing his name to the emails that went out and actively getting back to people on social media.

“We have so many people on Facebook and on email that feel like a part of the brand because they actually communicated with us and we responded,” Sully says.

The team consistently goes the extra mile to connect with customers personally — even if that means picking up the phone.

Talking with customers

Want to call the team at BombTech Golf with a question? Well, if you get voicemail, leave a message.

Because they’re going to get back to you.

“We call every single person back,” Sully says. And they don’t stop there.

In addition to sending highly effective abandoned cart emails, the team has been known to actually call cart abandoners on the phone.

“We say, ‘Hey, we saw that you can’t check out. Is there an issue or something we could do to help?’” Sully says. “And people will tell us, ‘Oh, well, I was on mobile and your website is jacked up,’ or ‘I was driving and I couldn’t order, but I can order now.’”

They have a high closing rate, but the calls aren’t just about making the sale.

They’re also about listening to customers and fixing problems. There’s an issue with the website on mobile? Good to know — so they can fix it right away. The feedback from customers around larger issues is valued too.

“It’s not all about us. It’s all about the customer,” Sully says. “That’s why we ask questions. We really do care, and it’s helped us shape the business.”

See for yourself

To deliver such a high degree of responsiveness, BombTech Golf spends a lot of time engaging directly with customers.

To make time for this, they’ve been proactive about automating pieces that can be automated. The best example of this might be how they’re using automated email flows in Klaviyo.

In the case study, you’ll find out which email flow in Klaviyo “pays the mortgage,” as Sully says — and which one generates an average of $26 per recipient.

You’ll also get a close-up look at the emails they’re sending and find out what’s on the horizon for Sully and his team.

And after you read it, feel free to send them a note! You’ll be sure to get a response back.

Read the case study »


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