The Secret is Out on BestKeptSecret: The Mega Online Flash Sale is Launching for VIP Ticket-holders Today

In less than 24 hours from now, the largest, first-of-its-kind, digital, ecommerce sample sale will launch. In case you missed it, some of the most recognizable faces from the direct-to-consumer (DTC) world banned together with three well-known ecommerce platforms (Shopify Plus, Afterpay, andyes, yours trulyKlaviyo) to create this event.

BestKeptSecret (BKS) was founded to raise over one million dollars for Baby2Baby and Know Your Rights Camp across a five-day flash sale. Over 40 top American fashion labels are taking part and offering 50 to 80 percent off their premium and luxury goodsit’s unheard of.  


How it works: 

VIP Access: Looking for early access to all of the products, styles, and sizes with less competition? Head over to and purchase a VIP ticket for $25 dollars to get early access to the sale today, Monday, August 10th. A VIP ticket grants you 15 hours of early access to the sale starting at 6 PM EST. Shop knowing that 100 percent of your ticket price is going directly to support Baby2Baby and Know Your Rights Camp. 

General Shopping: The sale opens up to the general public on August 12th at 9 AM EST and runs through August 15th. During the general sale days (and during VIP shopping, too) all items in the sale have been assigned a one, three, or five dollar donation, all of which also goes to the two charities.

No matter which way you choose to shop, you’ll know you’re helping two great charities at a steal.

Who came up with this idea and why?

Good question! The sale was founded by fashion industry veterans Maxwell Osborne, Andrew Rosen, Dao-Yi Chow, Ben Fischman, and Jens Grede. If those names don’t ring a bell, I bet the companies they founded will. This team is responsible for creating brands like Public School, Theory, M.Gemi, and Frame

The coronavirus has greatly impacted and altered nearly all aspects of life in one shape or form. That was no different in the fashion industry, which was left with an inventory overflow in retail stores across the globe. The team saw an opportunity to resolve this issue while also raising substantial money for charity and giving back to the community. And now, you’ll see the culmination of their work. 


An opportunity to support the global community and ecommerce industry

Opportunities to participate in events like BestKeptSeret are rare and exciting, especially seeing as they’re going to raise over one million dollars for charity.

Klaviyo offered to participate and will be supporting the event by donating our platform, including email and SMS capabilities, so BestKeptSecret can communicate and build relationships with its shoppers and raise as much money as possible. Plus, we’re also donating a $100,000 charitable matching gift. 


Ready to shop? 

Early access tickets are on sale now. The VIP sale starts today, August 10th, at 6 PM EST. Then, at 9 AM EST on August 11th, the five-day mega sale commences and runs until the 15th. 

Head over to and purchase a VIP ticket to get early access—but hurry, you only have a few hours left! Or, mark your calendar for August 11th and shop the general saleand cross your fingers that the items you want don’t sell out first.

Check out BestKeptSecret.

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