A trusted leader in SMS compliance and deliverability: Klaviyo joins CTIA

As a software company, Klaviyo values leading its customers to email and text message marketing success—with compliance and deliverability invariably a key piece of that puzzle. That’s why Klaviyo’s excited to announce it’s now part of CTIA, the wireless industry association. 

This new membership will help Klaviyo serve its customers better by staying up-to-date with industry best practices. We’ll learn and help mold what the future of mobile communication policies looks like.   

What is CTIA?

CTIA is a US-based association that advocates for mobile policies, encouraging innovation and investments in the wireless industry’s growth at the federal, state, and local levels.

CTIA’s diverse group of members, including mobile carriers, software and tech companies, equipment manufacturers, and almost every consumer-facing business in between, collaborate to help shape the future of the mobile industry. They also work to minimize malicious activity by addressing risks and threats and partnering with government agencies on cybersecurity. 

This diversity is a strength of CTIA—it allows the association to consider a variety of perspectives when it works on policies that’ll have a long-lasting impact on telecommunications.

Why is it important that Klaviyo’s part of CTIA?

As a member of CTIA, Klaviyo now has access to: 

  • Opportunities to collaborate with wireless industry leaders and (federal and state) regulatory and legislative experts
  • Up-to-date information on compliance and wireless telecommunication issues
  • Experts who work closely on licensing issues, policy decisions, and regulatory matters

Klaviyo is one of the few omnichannel marketing platforms that belongs to this association. We can now be an active participant in the cellular industry, taking part in initiatives like a monthly forum on mobile short code numbers.    

We’re not wasting any time getting started. In partnership with CTIA, Klaviyo will attend MWC Los Angeles 2021—a gathering of US policymakers and key wireless industry stakeholders to discuss developments in government and public policy—to stay on top of the latest trends in connectivity and mobile innovation.1

A dedication to compliance and deliverability

As text message marketing becomes an owned channel powerhouse, partnering with a company that takes compliance and deliverability seriously directly correlates to your success. 

Klaviyo is committed to helping its customers own their destiny, which means investing in the channels they directly control—joining CTIA is part of that investment. 

It’s part of our dedication to compliance, deliverability, the future of the cellular industry, and most importantly, to helping you grow your business and build deeper customer relationships—all without sacrificing ownership.

Ready to partner with a platform that means business? Learn how Klaviyo SMS handles compliance and deliverability. 



1“MWC Los Angeles 2021.” Mwclosangeles.com

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