AMP: Coming to an Inbox Near You

A little over a year ago we wrote about Google’s announcement of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for email messages. Well this week Google officially launched AMP for Email which will change the way we all interact with emails.

Now, that may sound like an overstatement, but this update is going to change how brands, marketers, and customers consume emails. Gone are the days of flat and static content —dynamic, interactive emails will unlock new, revenue-generating customer engagement strategies. As Google explained about a year ago:

"This new spec will be a powerful way for developers to create a more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences. For example, imagine you could complete tasks directly in email. With AMP for Email, you’ll be able to quickly take actions like submit an RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment, or fill out a questionnaire right from the email message."

Aakash Sahney Product Manager, Gmail and Chat Platform

This development is a major step forward, and when available will finally bring email closer to the rich and dynamic web experiences we have all come to expect. Beginning today, Gmail on the Web will support embedded AMP content, with support for mobile rolling out later in the year. And it’s not just Google embracing this new UX —, Yahoo Mail, and Mail.Ru have all signed on, with their developers promising to add support soon.

What does it really mean for a brand that sells online?

Let’s break down an example. Imaginary Dresses — a brand that sells the most beautiful organic dresses — could use AMP to increase sales by embedding pictures of their newest spring line. With this email enhancement, the brand’s customers and subscribers would then be able to scroll through the same gallery of new arrivals traditionally only featured online.

The AMP spec allows you to enable buttons, check boxes, and image carousels within the email message window. This opens up an almost limitless amount of possibilities for your brand to provide a deeper and more meaningful connection with your customers—all without leaving their email window. A very big deal.

Here are just a handful of ways you can elevate your email marketing strategy through AMP:

  • Gather product reviews
  • Enable navigation for different product categories, featuring different product views, a carousel of images, dropdowns/collapsed sections, etc.
  • Support comments and likes on Facebook posts
  • Offer a multi-step survey and then provide a set of recommended products based on responses
  • Play a video

Again, these would all be interactive within the email—so your emails could deliver a different experience for each customer, depending on how they engaged with its content. Now, that’s personalization.

For years, brands have tried to eliminate sales barriers — with many thinking transactions are limited to their websites. Regardless of where you fall in that debate, we continue to see new advancements that help brands sell more and do so natively within alternative platforms. For example, Instagram recently announced a new test with 20+ brands where they are allowing in-app checkout. We see this as yet another step towards driving growth in a native, seamless way.

Since the first mention of AMP in February 2018 we have been excited to watch these developments unfold. We believe it represents a paradigm shift that will streamline how consumers choose to engage with brands.

We are especially excited to see how this new technology will help Klaviyo customers drive more growth and revenue through email. Though there is more work to be done, we are eager to help you capitalize on this opportunity and build even more meaningful relationships with your customers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, how will you embrace AMP? Connect with us on Twitter to share your thoughts and continue the conversation.

What some of our customers are saying about AMP:


“We’re really excited to start utilizing AMP for gmail to let our users scroll through photos of products directly in our emails. We’ve got great content and want to make our emails more interactive and engaging — AMP for gmail could be a big step in that direction.”


“Enabling a way to seamlessly communicate with customers could be a game-changer for brands if there’s widespread adoption. Before, even a simple survey [involved] a much more complex process — from its creation to driving a user to a separate webpage[— it was challenging] to get feedback. It’s a win-win for both sides – now if i’m a customer I can give feedback within two clicks in an email and from the d2c side, the more feedback we get from our customers, the better our brand can learn and grow. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the next couple of months.”


“Nuun is working on expanding our video asset library more aggressively in 2019, for numerous paid and organic placements. The ability to utilize these assets in our emails, coupled with the work we have done with Klaviyo on audience segmentation will allow us to overcome education hurdles on a granular basis, based on narrow groups of our subscribers.”


“Playing a video in an email would be extremely helpful for us. We make a breast pump adapter kit for new moms to allow for hands-free and fully clothed pumping. So, we often face a lot of confusion: how it looks, how it works and what are the benefits etc. We are finding once new mothers can see a video, it helps with the “aha” moment and they get it and really love the idea/product!”


“With AMP we’ll be able to deliver immersive content experiences directly in our subscribers’ inboxes. A full-length video. Easy. The ability to browse full products and collections. No brainer. The ability to purchase directly from the email. Yep. There’s almost no limit when emails can begin to have the functionality of full websites.”


“We are very excited about the AMP announcement. Video content is king on all the social platforms right now. And as I spend ever increasing resources on building video out I would love a way to natively integrate it into our email marketing campaigns.”

Survival Frog

“We are looking for the best ways to provide an amazing buying experience. AMP for email, provides the potential to simplify product reviews and provide product recommendations based on in-email survey responses. Simple user experiences lead to better buying experiences.”


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