Activate both in-person and online customer data to grow omnichannel revenue

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In white font on a salmon background, image reads, "activate both in-person & online customer data to grow omnichannel revenue." The Klaviyo flag stands out in the background on the right side of the image, and on the left side, the Klaviyo logo is positioned above the Marine Layer logo.

When you’re juggling ecommerce with brick-and-mortar stores, it’s important that your customers view you as one seamless brand.

That’s especially true considering the people who shop with you across multiple channels tend to be your MVPs.

But delivering a consistent brand and customer experience is only possible when you have a strong foundation of data that feeds you a 360-degree, up-to-date view of your customers.

Take it from Marine Layer—the casual, California-based apparel brand that reinvented weekend wear with an emphasis on softness and sustainability.

Layer multiple integrations to gather all the data you need—and act on it, fast

To create a cohesive omnichannel experience across their retail locations and their fast-growing DTC operation, Marine Layer turned to Klaviyo—the platform they’ve been growing with for nearly a decade.

Here are the steps Marine Layer takes to consolidate their data and deliver content their customers are happy to receive—in real time:

Activate the data you have.

Marine Layer pulls in sign-up and purchase data via Klaviyo’s integrations with their ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus, and their in-store POS software, Lightspeed. That data then informs the way they communicate with customers.

Connect with your customers.

The team connects with different customer segments via email and SMS, with tailored, cross-promotional messaging for online sign-ups vs. sign-ups at their 45+ physical locations.

Guide your marketing efforts using smart features.

Marine Layer uses Klaviyo’s A/B testing and Smart Send Time feature to collect data on what performs best with their audience—and send the optimal subject lines at the best times.

Grow toward your goals.

Testing and segmenting their audiences from the point of sign-up is paying off: Marine Layer has driven 40.4% YoY growth in Klaviyo-attributed revenue YTD.

Go beyond segmentation basics to reach the right people

Segmentation is the fastest way to group your contacts into ultra-precise audiences that update in real time, so you can target messages based on data points like browsing behavior, sign-up source, and channel preference.

But Klaviyo’s no-code, marketer-friendly segment builder goes beyond the basics, unlocking opportunities to target messages based on factors like discount code usage, predicted customer lifetime value, proximity to a retail location, and any combination thereof. (You can even get segmentation help from AI.)

Take a look at how easy it is to create a segment of customers who are located near one of your retail locations and who also purchased online in the last 6 months:

  1. Select “Audience” in the Klaviyo sidebar.
  2. Select “Lists & Segments”.
  3. Click “Create List / Segment”.
  4. Select “Segment”.
  5. Create a segment with the following definition:
    1. Someone’s proximity to a location > Person is within > [Your preferred distance] of > [Your store’s zip code] in > [Your country], AND
    2. If someone can or cannot receive marketing > Person can receive email marketing > Because person subscribed, AND
    3. What someone has done (or not done) > Has placed order > At least once > In the last 6 months

Image shows the Marine Layer storefront.
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