Increase traffic and retention through personalization with Klaviyo and Thanx

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a new integration and partnership with Thanx, a leading loyalty platform for restaurants.

As the restaurant industry takes on a new normal following the pandemic, operators look to adjust their business strategy in response to unfamiliar conditions. With increased competition and a rise in digital ordering, including third-party delivery apps, restaurants are turning to loyalty programs to differentiate their brand, encourage customers to order directly, and build customer lifetime value.

But with customer expectations at an all-time high, restaurant loyalty programs must be unique and compelling to yield strong results. Diners expect relevant and personalized experiences at every touchpoint using the data they know restaurants have access to. This is no easy task when customer data is siloed across various platforms. That’s where Klaviyo and Thanx can help. 

The Klaviyo-Thanx integration allows restaurants to combine data from their loyalty platform with data from other technologies such as ecommerce, POS, and online ordering, to get a single, unified view of their diners. Restaurants can easily activate this data across all touchpoints to deliver personalized experiences that keep diners coming back and spending more.

Unify your customer data with Thanx and Klaviyo

The Klaviyo-Thanx integration is a winning combination for restaurants that are challenged by disparate data sets and want to leverage their customer data to drive more in-store and online sales. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of this integration:

  • Data unification: Through their platform, Thanx captures data about customers and their purchase habits across both online and in-store ordering channels. This data is brought into Klaviyo using a pre-built, easy-to-use integration and combined with other data sources within Klaviyo, to create a robust profile for every diner, giving you the holistic customer-centric view you’ve been looking for.
  • Easy setup and execution: The pre-built integration makes it fast and easy to sync your Thanx data into Klaviyo. Once the integration is set up, the Klaviyo platform provides an easy-to-use interface with customizable templates, a drag-and-drop email builder, AI-generated subject lines, and more, allowing your small marketing team to spend less time executing, and more time focusing on strategy.
  • Personalization using multiple data sources: No more batching and blasting. With Klaviyo, you have the tools to build communications that are relevant to each diner. Segment your audience by any number of attributes from across multiple data sources (loyalty, ecommerce, POS, online ordering, etc.). Target customers who shop on your ecommerce site but have not signed up for your loyalty program, encouraging them to join or offer your VIP loyalty members discounted items on your ecommerce site.
  • Individualized journeys for each guest: Build and automate custom journeys across email and SMS to communicate the right message, to the right diner, at the right time.  
  • Multi-channel attribution: Understand exactly what marketing channels and tactics drive order volume so you can focus your limited resources on the marketing activities that have the most impact. 

Deliver true personalization at every stage of the loyalty journey

After the Klaviyo-Thanx integration is set up, your customer data is easily accessible within Klaviyo and can be used to deliver hyper-personalized, omnichannel experiences. Let’s look at some ways you can use your Thanx data to foster deeper relationships with your diners:

  • Acquire new loyalty members: Create personalized journeys targeting customers who have shopped your ecommerce store and have dined at your restaurant but have not yet joined your loyalty program. Educate them on the benefits of your program and get them excited about joining.
  • Increase order volume and customer lifetime value among your loyal diners: Reward loyal diners with special promotions and personalized offers that are relevant to each diner. Segment diners based on their engagement with your marketing channels, ecommerce purchase history, ordering channel (digital vs. in-store), loyalty tier, NPS, and more, to send highly-targeted email and SMS campaigns. Use dynamic content to personalize each communication with their loyalty tier, date of most recent purchase, total earned points, and more. 
  • Re-engage lapsed members: Reach out to loyalty members who have not dined in a long time or made a purchase through your ecommerce store. Encourage them to come back with a personalized incentive based on their prior purchase history. 
  • Drive ecommerce sales: Promote your online merchandise or packaged goods to your loyalty members who have never visited or shopped at your ecommerce store. Encourage them to shop with discounts off their first online order based on their loyalty tier. Then, use their purchase and browsing history to recommend other similar products to keep them coming back to your store.

Get started today

The new Klaviyo-Thanx integration will help you power smarter digital relationships with every guest to drive higher order volume and frequency.

Learn more about how to set up the Klaviyo-Thanx integration here.