Move faster and drive more revenue with our upgraded Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

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We’re happy to announce that our native integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud just got better! 

For years, leading brands using Salesforce Commerce Cloud have turned to Klaviyo to drive more revenue from their marketing channels, like Living Proof who grew their email revenue by 6X with Klaviyo. Our well-established, pre-built integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud streamlines the implementation process allowing brands to get up and running quickly with real-time access to their customer data. And, once the integration is set up, Klaviyo helps brands move fast by giving them the power to execute important use cases, like running an A/B test or creating multi-dimensional segments, without having to involve their development teams. 

Today, we’re making it even easier for Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants to get started and see success with Klaviyo.

We’ve released a new, upgraded version of our Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge. This critical component to our integration enables real-time tracking of website behaviors so merchants can identify and communicate with customers when they take action on their website, like following up with someone after they viewed a product or when they left items in their cart.

The new cartridge (version 23.7.0) includes added features and functionality that reduces development time, while enabling brands to deliver hyper-personalized experiences that their customers demand.

Deliver personalization at scale

Our new cartridge is fully compatible with Site Genesis and Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and provides more out-of-the-box functionality for enhanced event tracking, without manual configuration.

Let’s look at some of the new features available with our cartridge and how they will help you accelerate growth:

  • Streamline setup and reduce customization: After completing the setup steps, all events will now trigger out-of-the-box across Site Genesis and SFRA with no custom code required. This includes tracking for “Added to Cart” events, which allows you to trigger cart abandonment flows when a customer leaves something in their shopping cart. We’ve standardized event triggering logic across both architectures reducing the need for customization and increasing event tracking reliability. 
  • Increase conversions by sending shoppers back to their abandoned cart: “Started Checkout” events now include a link to rebuild your shopper’s cart. When you’re sending an abandoned cart flow, you can send shoppers directly back to their cart, making it easy for them to complete their purchase.
  • Identify and communicate with more shoppers with no-code onsite identification: With this new setting, you can have Klaviyo listen for email submissions across any field on your site, simply by providing a CSS selector (e.g. #customer-email). This allows Klaviyo to identify visitors on your website without having to insert JavaScript throughout your site, so you can identify more shoppers and build more complete profiles based on their web activity. 
  • Save time with pre-built flows: Now, you can take advantage of Klaviyo’s pre-built flows for popular ecommerce automations, including browse abandonment, cart abandonment, checkout abandonment, and order confirmation. Once you’ve upgraded to the new cartridge, these pre-built flows will be available to you in the flows library. You’ll also notice that all metrics synced from Salesforce Commerce Cloud will have a branded icon next to them in the Klaviyo interface so you can quickly identify what events are syncing from where.
  • Grow your subscribers by capturing consent at checkout: Now you can add a consent checkbox during the checkout process enabling shoppers to easily opt-in to your email and SMS marketing lists. This new subscriber data will automatically sync to your desired lists within Klaviyo, helping you grow your subscribers while allowing you to engage with new customers in a timely manner. 
  • Improve the experience for developers: Our new cartridge takes advantage of our most recent APIs and we’ve improved code base readability and maintainability, making it easier for developers to customize as needed. 

Take advantage of this new functionality

These new features allow you to move and innovate faster with less reliance on your development teams. 

To take advantage of this new functionality, you will need to update the Klaviyo cartridge to version 23.7.0, which is similar to other Salesforce cartridge updates. The amount of time and resources required to update will vary depending on the complexity of customization that you have implemented in the existing cartridge, as these customizations will need to be replicated in the new cartridge.

We have compiled step-by-step instructions to help streamline this process. We encourage all existing customers to upgrade as the long term benefits and time savings using the new cartridge will outweigh the initial upfront efforts to upgrade.