A new home page dashboard experience

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Introducing the new home page dashboard.

Think about your favorite software to use. What is it about their home page that you love? Maybe it’s how clean the design is, or having relevant information front and center to help you go about your day. Whichever factor you choose, a home page should quickly inform you about where your marketing efforts stand.

We’re excited to bring you an updated and consolidated home page dashboard that makes it easier to see how your Klaviyo account is performing as soon as you log in.

See key alerts, changes to revenue, and more

First, a new alerts card lets you quickly see what needs your attention. The alerts shown here are core notifications that you need to know about. These will be things like when a payment fails, or if there’s a sudden drop in event data for a particular metric, like Added to Cart for example. All account notifications can be read at any time from the bell icon in your account

Next, you’ll also see a conversion metric performance card. This card is customizable based on the conversion metric that you set through the dropdown at the top of the home page. For example, if you select Placed Order and Last 7 days, this card will update to show you total placed order revenue that your brand has generated and Klaviyo attributed revenue. 

There are even helpful icons to show you how this number has changed based on the timeline you set above. We’ve also included a handy high-level revenue breakdown by recipient, flows, campaigns, and active channels.

The new homepage dashboard shows key alerts and account performance

We’ve also made it easier to spot top performing flows based on the conversion metric you set in its own dedicated card. Recently sent campaigns are also visible from the home page dashboard. 

Note that no functionality was lost with this release, though some items have moved to different areas. Read on for a full view of how the new dashboard compares to our previous home page experience.

Learn more about the redesigned dashboard

Want to learn more? Check out our Help Center or ask questions in our Community. Login to your account to use the new dashboard today.