Increase customer lifetime value with Klaviyo and PAR® Punchh®

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a new integration and partnership with PAR Punchh, a leading loyalty and engagement platform for restaurants. 

As restaurants face greater competition in the new normal following the pandemic, loyalty programs are becoming a key differentiator for restaurants and a leading driver of customer retention.

When a guest joins a restaurant’s loyalty program, they expect to receive a consistent, on-brand experience across all touchpoints. Now that restaurants have access to more customer data, spanning a wider variety of sales channels, it’s critical that they can put this data to work in a way that meets customers’ expectations to maximize customer lifetime value.

The Klaviyo-PAR Punchh integration allows well-established restaurants to aggregate their wealth of customer data from across platforms to deliver the individualized experiences that each guest expects.

Take your marketing strategy to the next level with PAR Punchh and Klaviyo

With Klaviyo and PAR Punchh, large restaurant brands can elevate their marketing strategy, driving higher retention and maximizing spend among their most loyal diners. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of this integration:

  • Easily aggregate and activate your customer data: The Klaviyo-PAR Punchh integration gives you easy access to a wealth of loyalty data within Klaviyo. This includes real-time events, like signing up for your loyalty program, checking in for loyalty, earning rewards, applying redemption, and much more. You’ll also have access to important loyalty member data, including birthday, membership level, total credits, signup channel, and more. This data will be combined with data synced from other platforms into Klaviyo, creating individual customer profiles, giving you a single, unified view of every diner across all channels. You can use any piece of this data to build segments, trigger flows, and get more targeted in your marketing. 
  • Connect with your diners at scale: Deliver timely, coordinated experiences that resonate with each guest across email, SMS, mobile push, and digital advertising. Quickly see which channels and tactics are driving order volume so you know exactly where to focus your time.
  • Guide your strategy with advanced marketing intelligence: Use the AI tools and predictive analytics embedded within the Klaviyo platform to help make better decisions about what to say, on what channel, to whom. See your guests’ predicted next order date or potential churn risk and plan outreach accordingly. Use Klaviyo’s AI-generated subject line and SMS assistant to create compelling content in no time.

Deliver true personalization at scale

After the Klaviyo-PAR Punchh integration is set up, your data is easily accessible within Klaviyo and can be used to deliver omnichannel experiences at scale. Let’s look at some ways you can use your PAR Punchh data to increase customer lifetime value:

  • Acquire and retarget through your social advertising channels: Integrate Klaviyo with your Facebook and Google advertising channels to deliver more targeted campaigns that increase return on ad spend. Acquire new guests by targeting those who resemble your most loyal diners. Or, boost engagement with your existing diners by retargeting them with personalized offers that are consistent with what they see through other channels.
  • Drive SMS engagement: Target your SMS subscribers based on their loyalty points or individual loyalty tier to increase their order volume. Send an SMS to lapsed customers reminding them to stop by during the lunch hour or engage VIPs to remind them about upcoming specials. 
  • Delight your most loyal diners with personalized experiences: Use the data you have on your most loyal guests to provide a personalized offer you know they can’t refuse. Send messages that resonate with their prior purchase behavior using the communication channel they engage with the most.
  • Optimize your lapsed user flow to re-engage more members: Automatically reach out to loyalty members who have not made a purchase in a long time. A/B test different offers and time periods to determine what content is most successful at getting guests to come back and place another order.

Get started today

The new Klaviyo-PAR Punchh integration will help power smarter digital relationships with every diner to increase customer lifetime value.

Learn more about how to set up the Klaviyo-PAR Punchh integration here.