June release notes

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June releases are here.

From launching new products like Klaviyo for Wellness and Klaviyo reviews, to new dashboards and product block capabilities, we’ve had a busy June. It was tough to curate our top features this month because there’s so many great features to choose from. We’re excited to take you through what’s new! 

Top features this month

Product reviews powered by Klaviyo – now available for Shopify 

  • 95% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product or service. Eliminate another platform in your tech stack by using Klaviyo reviews to seamlessly integrate reviews into your marketing strategy. Now available for Shopify and Shopify Plus users
Using custom questions is simple

Show discounted pricing in product blocks in one click

  • Product blocks in the Klaviyo email template editor got a whole lot better. You can now automatically show the discounted price compared with the original price for items in your product recommendation feeds if you’re on Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. Toggle on the “compare at price for sales items” setting to make your product blocks more compelling. 

New email template designs, filtering options, and more

  • The template library in Klaviyo is now easier to find, has upgraded designs, and cool filtering capabilities. Read more about the updates here.  

Keep your clients engaged and coming back with Klaviyo for Wellness

Are you a health and wellness business offering client-based services? This new solution is for you. Our new pre-built integrations with Mindbody, Zenoti, and Boulevard make it easy to get your client data and appointment-related events into Klaviyo so you can deliver timely, personalized communications that keep your clients coming back. Learn more about Klaviyo for Wellness

Example of Wellness welcome flow.

Enroll and retain subscribers with Ordergroove and Klaviyo

  • Our new Klaviyo-Ordergroove integration allows brands to deeply understand each customer and engage with them in a personalized way at every stage of their subscription journey, leading to higher subscriber enrollment and customer lifetime value. Learn more here

Create and update segments faster with our revamped segmentation engine

  • Our state-of-the-art segmentation engine has been remodeled, allowing for faster segment creation across all users. With the new system, segments are updating at 87% faster speeds, meaning you can be confident in your audiences and ensure your flows are effectively triggered in real-time. Read more about these updates.

Other notable releases 

Add past profiles to flows more easily (formerly backpopulation)

  • Adding past profiles to flows has never been easier. We retired the term “backpopulation” for this feature because it was confusing. You can still hit every eligible past contact with the right message, at the right point in time, but with a few added improvements. Read more about these changes or get a crash course in how adding past profiles works in Klaviyo.

SSO and SCIM are now available for a quicker, more secure experience

Save time and increase conversions with updates to our PrestaShop integration

  • We’ve released several updates to our existing integration with PrestaShop, including real-time event sync and support for bulk coupons. Learn more about all the new releases and how to take advantage of these new features to help grow your business.  

Better understand your growth with the business review dashboard

New suppression and consent events to keep your account organized

  • To help you better understand who is consented to and suppressed from which marketing channels, we’ve created new events visible on a profile’s activity timeline. You will now see separate events that fire when a profile is manually (un)suppressed, or when a profile is (un)suppressed from a specific list. SMS consent events have also been renamed to make it clearer when a profile opts in or out of SMS marketing. Read more about suppressions in Klaviyo.

Improvements in reporting to demystify deliverability

New: Accounts API

  • Our new Accounts API endpoints allow users to retrieve account-specific data (contact information, timezone, currency, Public API key, etc.) or test if a private API key belongs to the correct account prior to performing subsequent actions with the API.