January release notes

We're kicking off 2023 with the latest January releases.

We released some exciting new features in January to kick off the New Year! From expanded integration capabilities, to new notifications when your email is at risk of clipping in the inbox, we’re always looking to make Klaviyo work better for you. 

Top features this month


SMS A/B testing in flows 

  • A/B test SMS content in flows to learn what resonates best with your audience. Learn more here.

In-editor product feeds 

  • Now you can create and view dynamic & personalized product feeds from right within the email template editor. Read more about in-editor product feeds here.

Expanded API endpoints 

  • We’ve released full CRUD functionality for our Tags API, Campaigns API, and Data Privacy API. Check out the full scope of how these endpoints give you more flexibility.

Other notable releases


Email code weight and clipping warnings

  • Klaviyo now predicts if your email is likely to be clipped in the inbox due to the email being too heavy (close to or over 120 KB). You’ll see this warning appear in the template editor if your email design is nearing the clipping weight threshold. Check out the Help Center for more information.

Friendbuy Loyalty Update

  • Friendbuy has expanded its Klaviyo integration to support email and SMS messages triggered by loyalty and referral event data. Learn more about the new capabilities here

Strengthen the way Klaviyo and Shopify operate together by syncing more data from Klaviyo to Shopify

  • We are excited to provide expanded and more granular control over what profile data you would like to sync from Klaviyo back to Shopify. You can now choose to sync all Klaviyo profiles back to Shopify, while continuing to specify the profile data you want to sync to enrich Shopify profiles, including: name, email, phone number, email subscription status, and SMS subscription status. Read more about these settings here.

Invoice visibility for manually billed customers

  • Manually billed customers can now access all invoices from March 2022 onward in their Klaviyo accounts — increasing transparency and providing self-serve access for customers to view and filter their invoices. Head to your Klaviyo account today to see your invoice history. 

Easily add SMS disclosure language to any sign-up form

  • We’ve simplified the process of adding and editing SMS disclosure language – including your mobile terms of service and privacy policy links.  Once you’ve set up your SMS disclosure language, adding this language to any sign-up form is as easy as dragging in a new block.