Go deep with inbox provider data

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New inbox provider data is now available.

Have you ever suspected that you had deliverability issues and wanted to see your email open rates by inbox provider? Or wanted to see if an elevated bounce rate could be attributed to a specific email domain, or was just happening across the board? Now you can answer deliverability questions like these and more with our new inbox provider data.  

Email domains versus inbox providers

Email domains are the registered name that emails come from, or the part of an email address that appears after the @ symbol. Email domains are powered by inbox providers – these are the Gmails, Yahoos, and Outlooks of the world. 

Inbox providers can power multiple email domains, which makes it tricky to get granular when troubleshooting a deliverability issue. For example, someone could have an @me.com or @icloud.com email address. Both are powered by the Apple inbox provider. With inbox provider data, we now map all email domains to a central inbox provider. Having this deeper visibility helps you isolate where a deliverability issue may be stemming from.

Be a deliverability detective 

With inbox provider data available in Klaviyo, you can go deep and analyze your deliverability performance. You’ll see this enhancement reflected in a few different areas, which help you do a lot of detecting. For example, now you can:

  • Group or filter email metrics by inbox provider – this allows you to see any email metric like open rate broken out by Gmail, Apple, Verizon, etc. Head to the metrics tab to start playing around
  • Create custom reports that are grouped or filtered by inbox provider – schedule a report with key deliverability metrics to deliver to your inbox that’s already broken out by inbox provider
  • Monitor campaign performance by inbox provider – the campaign deliverability tab centralizes core deliverability metrics to help you monitor your performance. We’ve added an additional card to this tab where you can view performance by inbox provider!
  • Build customized dashboards in Klaviyo from the Analytics tab – get a snapshot of email performance data grouped by inbox provider
  • Segment profiles by inbox provider – create segments to help solve deliverability mysteries. Experiencing issues with bounce rates? Build a segment using Bounced Email and filter for a specific inbox provider to help you understand where those bounces are coming from
Easily view email metric data by inbox provider

Inbox provider data is available as of March 28th, 2023 and will not be backfilled with historical data. Explore these new possibilities in your Klaviyo account today