GET Subscriber Data in Profiles API

New improvements to the Profiles API to better manage subscriber consent data.

When querying profiles from Klaviyo’s API, it’s critical to know the profile’s detailed subscription status.

Subscriptions object in profile response body

The new profile response body now includes an object called “subscriptions.” This houses all of the data for the consent status for various channels for the profile.

The subscription object includes detailed information for each channel:

  • Consent status (subscribed, never subscribed, unsubscribed)
  • Timestamp
  • Method
  • Method detail
  • Custom method detail
  • Double opt-in (true/false)
  • Global suppressions
  • List suppressions

Easily manage subscribers

This new inclusion into the profile object enables more granular subscription management for your users. It allows you to quickly validate statuses and ascertain how and where subscription status was collected. 

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