February release notes

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Announcing our latest February features.

February was a busy month! We’re excited to announce new features to help you check flow performance in one click, easily review profile data, and more. 

Top features this month


A reimagined flows page 

  • The flows page got a face lift this month, giving you one place to view your flow performance data at a glance. Check out more details about the flows page redesign.

New profiles API functionality – GET subscribers 

  • You can now use the profiles API response body to get further consent data. Learn more about these updates here

Redesigned channel status box in profiles

  • We’ve made it easier to understand channel consent status for Klaviyo profiles. Read about the updated channel status box in profiles and how it provides one record for all consent data. 

Notifications upgrade from the bell icon

  • In-app notifications got an overhaul this month. Learn more about the enhancements here.

Other notable releases


A/B testing in recipient’s local timezone is now available

  • We’ve expanded the capabilities of A/B testing to include sending tests during the recipient’s local timezone. Check out the Help Center to configure these additional test settings. 

Profiles page redesign

  • We’ve redesigned our profiles landing page to make it easier to parse through your profiles and learn more about your customers. These updates include: the ability to search for profiles, new ways to sort and new explainers to understand key profile terminology (like active and suppressed), and new ways to access the segment builder and suppressions page. Check it out today.

Add a close button to form teasers

  • Form teasers are great for grabbing a customer’s attention without being too invasive. We’ve recently added the ability to include a close button for when customers want to exit from a teaser as they shop your site.

Quick actions now available from the main search bar

  • You’re now able to create a campaign, flow, signup form, list, or segment right from the main search bar of your Klaviyo account. Check out the Help Center for more information.

Centra integration launch

  • Klaviyo is now integrated with best-in-class headless e-commerce platform, Centra. The Centra integration with Klaviyo empowers fashion and lifestyle brands using Klaviyo to manage multiple stores, languages, currencies and warehouses in one Klaviyo account. Learn more about the integration here