Improved notifications experience: click the bell icon

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Introducing the new in-app notification experience in Klaviyo.

In today’s world, you need to be notified quickly of what needs your attention, especially when it comes to running your business. Those notifications should be easy to find and help you get to the bottom of resolving issues. Let’s be honest – no one has time to sift through all their notifications manually turning each one off.

We’re announcing the redesigned bell icon notifications experience at the top of your account.

Mark all as read with the click of a button

The ability to mark all your notifications as read in one click is satisfying and we’re excited to offer this new functionality as part of this release. Now you can get through your notifications from the bell icon faster and feel confident that you’re aware of what needs your attention. Some other exciting aspects are:

  • A refreshed look and feel
  • Individual dismissing of notifications
  • A better experience for clicking into each notification to help you resolve the issue faster
  • Improved scrolling and tabbing for better accessibility
  • Confirmation for when you’ve read all notifications
  • Count of unread notifications from the bell icon
The new bell icon notification experience includes a Mark All as Read option.

Klaviyo works better for you

We’re committed to improving our products so that you can focus on owning your growth. Learn more about what Klaviyo will notify you about or login to try the new notifications experience today!