Declutter your account with archived flows

Archive old flows to organize your flows page.

Flows empower you to send the right message at the right time. They trigger messages based on a specific action someone takes on your ecommerce store – like viewing a product, subscribing to your newsletter, or abandoning their cart. Over time, you may set up several email flows in your account, especially since Klaviyo offers pre-built options from the flow library. 

But what happens when you have outdated flows that might not be relevant anymore? Only having the option to delete a flow, along with all its helpful data, isn’t an ideal experience. Just like we’ve made it easy to add flows, we’ve now added the ability to archive them. This way, the flow is removed from view, but its data and content stays behind in your account.

Keep your flows more organized 

Imagine clicking into your flows page and seeing a wall of flows. Some haven’t been live in ages while others are sending all the time. Then you may have flows with content in development. That’s a lot of flows for you to look through, especially if you have a very specific item you’re looking for, like an old product review CTA. 

Keeping records of content you’ve sent and how it’s performed is important, but so is having a clean and organized workspace. Quickly organize your account by clicking the Move to Archive button on the flows page. Want to see all the flows you’ve archived? We’ve added a button to the Options drop down that allows you to view all archived flows. 

Data is precious

Have the confidence that all your flow data – whether live or archived – will always be accessible. If you don’t want old data interfering with reporting, we’ve introduced the option to exclude archived flow data from Klaviyo reports. Click the flows tab in your account and archive outdated automations.