Expanded API endpoints & transitioning to Klaviyo’s new APIs

Klaviyo released new API endpoints to empower developers

Klaviyo is committed to improving the experience for developers.

In 2022, Klaviyo released:

  • An improved developer portal making it easier to source developer-specific information so Klaviyo devs can get started, faster.
  • A revamped API surface focusing on extensibility, scale, and connectivity to enable developers to build powerful experiences with Klaviyo.
  • New developer tools to enhance the onboarding and building experience when you’re looking to create a new experience on top of Klaviyo.
  • Established a developer community to provide networking, support, and marketing opportunities for Klaviyo developers to expand their businesses. 

Today, we’re excited to announce Klaviyo’s API endpoint expansion enabling developers to build a wider array of personalized experiences.

Newly released endpoints: Tags, Data Privacy, and Campaigns APIs

We’re excited to release full CRUD functionality for our Tags API (in general availability), Data Privacy API (in general availability), and Campaigns API (open beta).

Tags API

  • Overview: Klaviyo’s tags can be used to group related Klaviyo components (e.g. group different types of campaigns such as product releases or announcements; group different lists together under a theme, such as holiday lists). Now you can integrate existing tags-based workflows into automations you build with our APIs by accessing tags, tag groups, and all related tagged items – like flows, campaigns, and more.
  • Example: Brands can effectively access, organize, and update tags by using new CRUD operations to manage resources including campaigns and flows based on tags and tag groups.

Campaigns API

  • Overview: Developers will soon be able to programmatically create, update, and send email campaigns as well as make updates and check deliverability of said campaign during launch.
  • Example: As a partner working with a brand, you can now programmatically create, update, and send email campaigns, make updates and check deliverability of campaigns during launch ensuring it aligns with your launch plan.

Data Privacy API

  • Overview: Begin deleting a brand’s subscriber data depending on their affiliated marketing channel and company.
  • Example: To adhere to GDPR, you can now delete profile records for GDPR “right to be forgotten” requests to stay compliant with your marketing messaging.

Get started today

Visit the API docs to get started building or click here to learn more about transitioning to Klaviyo’s new API endpoints!