Stand out in the inbox with anytime campaign sending

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Anytime campaign sending is now available.

Campaigns are incredible revenue generators, especially during peak times of the year like Black Friday or the holiday season. But it can be hard to stand out in all the marketing noise from other brands when lots of messages arrive from different brands all at once

We’re excited to announce that you now have greater flexibility over scheduling campaigns, choosing the exact minute you want your message to go out on any channel (email, SMS, mobile push). 

Beat the crowd with anytime sending

Klaviyo’s data shows that most brands send campaigns out at the top of the hour so that their messages are seen quickly. With everyone sending at the same time, however, you need a way to break through – especially during the busiest times of the year when customers are expecting early access to deals. For example, why not announce your promotion at 7:03am the morning of Black Friday? 

How it works

Scheduling an email, SMS, or push notification campaign to send at any time is easy! Set up your campaign as normal and when you get to the final schedule or send window, choose “Schedule,” and the date you want the send to go out. Finally, manually type in the exact time to send the campaign and choose your timezone.  

Choose the exact time you want your campaign to send

Start scheduling campaigns to send at any time today!