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There’s no denying that AI is playing a major role in transforming the online shopping experience. AI has enabled ecommerce businesses to deliver a more seamless, personalized, and efficient shopping experience while unlocking valuable insights. For product reviews in particular, there is a huge opportunity for companies to harness AI to make smarter decisions and strengthen the way they connect with customers.

We’re excited to announce that Klaviyo is bringing the power of AI to reviews. We now show shoppers AI-suggested headlines based on the content of their review – enabling them to click submit much faster. 

AI makes it easier for shoppers to leave a review

Research shows that collecting a sizable number of reviews can actually improve conversion rates – in one study, brands saw 37% higher conversion for products with at least 100 reviews. You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to leave a review. This in turn helps you gather more social proof that boosts conversion.

Using generative AI, Klaviyo will now automatically surface suggested review headlines based on the content of a shopper’s review. If someone doesn’t like any of the options listed, they can click for more to choose from. Reviewers still have the freedom to write their own headline at any time. Below, check out a preview of how our AI-suggested headlines work.

Note: You will need to turn on AI-suggested headlines for shoppers to see this feature. Head to Reviews > Settings > Review submission page. Select the option Ask for review title in the Optional fields section. Then, reviewers will see headlines generated by AI as they write their review.

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We’re thrilled to bring more impactful AI features to the Klaviyo platform – allowing you to save time and collect more quality reviews. Stay tuned for more exciting AI announcements coming soon! Below, check out some additional resources for Klaviyo reviews.