What’s new in Klaviyo: September feature releases

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New features to help you personalize and measure your marketing this BFCM season.

With BFCM fast approaching, we’ve released some key features to help you ensure you are putting your best marketing forward.

Get started with faster personalization using the new “add personalization” button. We’ll also help you understand the impacts of your marketing with the new global holdout group capability.

Take a look at these features and more below.

6 top features this month

Measure the incrementality of your marketing with global holdout groups 

Brands with 400k profiles can now suppress a portion of their profiles from receiving any marketing communications—allowing for a true measure of marketing ROI. Head to the experiments page in your analytics tab to begin your holdout test and set your holdout percentage.

Capture legal drinking age on SMS sign up forms for alcohol merchants and brands

Alcohol brands and merchants are now able use the new age gating block on forms to compliantly connect with their customers of legal age. Get started in your account settings to enable age gating for your account, then head to all your SMS sign up forms to add the age gate block. 

Establish trust with your subscribers using custom branded short links

Build custom short links to establish a recognizable brand identity and build trust with your SMS subscribers. Add your brand domain to your short links to seamlessly weave authenticity into every digital interaction with your subscribers, alleviate any concerns with SMS phishing, and create genuine digital relationships.

Now available for custom catalogs: Enable your price drop flows to capture additional sales

Drive additional conversions by automatically letting your customers know when an item they’ve shown interest in has dropped in price. The price drop trigger is now available to customers with custom product catalogs–expanded from our previous release to customers connected to a third-party platform catalog.

Personalize emails in one click with the “Add Personalization” button

We improved the email template editor to make it easier to add in profile properties without manually typing in their syntax code. Now you can click into the text block you want to add a profile property to, click the “Add personalization” button, choose the property you want to add, and insert it right into your email.

Create personalized push notifications with dynamic images & GIFs

Personalize your mobile push notifications by adding dynamic images and GIFs. Meet your customers’ expectations by delivering more relevant push notifications – by showing them the exact product they favorited, put in their cart, or purchased through your app.

Other notable releases 

Uncover learnings and trends from past A/B tests using the new experiments analytics page

View all your past and existing A/B tests in one place with the new experiments page under the analytics tab. This central location makes it easier to understand, analyze, and apply learnings from past A/B tests. View your holdout tests to understand incrementality, uncover trends across multiple campaigns, and track progress to statistical significance on your live tests–all without having to jump around to past campaigns.

Easily preview push notifications across iOS and Android devices 

Ensure your push notifications look exactly as you expect before your customers see it. Send a preview of any mobile push notification to a device and make sure everything looks consistent across iOS and Android.

Find answers quickly with a new search module

Quickly access the Help Center directly from Klaviyo. Simply click the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of your Klaviyo screen to search through relevant help articles for the page you’re on, access the Community to search for related questions from other users, or open a chat with our help bot, Ada. 

Product block customization just got easier 

We redesigned the product block configuration view so you can spend less time on customization and more time on design. These improvements include clearer settings names, adding borders around products shown in a block, and consistent alignment of multiple products in one row so nothing looks out of place.

Email digest for reviews and questions

Want to get a glimpse of weekly review performance? Now you can easily set up an automated email digest that includes how many reviews you’ve collected, average rating, and more. Head to your review settings to enable this.