August release notes: New features and settings for a more profitable BFCM

Release notes and product update

New settings and features to help make this your best BFCM yet.

BFCM is only a couple of months away, and Klaviyo customers are heads down preparing for what is the Super Bowl for retail. Internally, the Klaviyo team has you covered with a range of new settings and features to help you have your best BFCM yet.

Start by enabling anonymous site visitor backfill today to build a robust view of your customers heading into the busy season. Then, view your segment growth report to see how your key segments are growing over time.

We’ll also help you stay on top of your delivery rate with anomaly detection alerts so you can land your high-impact BFCM emails confidently.

Take a look at these features and more below.

7 top features this month

Go global with multi-language support for reviews 

  • We now offer translations to 12 languages for your review widgets and submission pages – enabling you to connect with customers around the world. Learn more.

Get more insights with anonymous visitor activity backfill

  • Enrich customer profiles by tracking anonymous browsing activity and backfilling it to the relevant profile upon identification — allowing you to gain a more robust view of your customer to better target them. Enable this in one click and learn more.

Beat the crowd, send your campaigns anytime

Monitor your audience health with the segment growth report

  • A comprehensive view of each segment’s growth over any time frame  — with the ability to see added and dropped members — allowing you to quickly understand your audience health, identify any trends, and personalize more effectively. Get started with your report today.

Get notified: delivery rate anomaly detection

  • When brands have a dip in delivery rates, immediate action is needed — or deliverability can suffer. Now, instead of having to constantly check reports. Klaviyo now notifies you about delivery rate anomalies for email and SMS campaigns and recommends solutions.

One stop for all your deliverability needs

  • Introducing the new Deliverability page under the Analytics tab of your account! This page serves as a hub for deliverability reporting so you can check in on key metrics, send volumes, and more. Learn more about how you can use this page here.

Audience growth tools page

  • Find all the ways you can grow your list through Klaviyo––sign-up forms, customized subscribe pages, consent at checkout, SMS list growth tools, and third-party lead capture tools––all in one new location under the Audiences tab. Learn more.

Other notable releases 

Go faster with improved reviews onboarding experience

  • With our new guided onboarding experience, we’ll walk you through every step to set up reviews. This includes adding reviews widgets to your Shopify store, setting up a review request flow, and selecting a plan. Learn more.

Build better push notifications with images

  • You can now add images to mobile push notifications and drive more engagement for your mobile app. Learn more.

Edit faster in the template editor with image resizing and cropping improvements

  • We’ve improved the way you can crop and resize images within the template editor so you can build emails more efficiently:
    • Resize images by specifying the height and width you want the image to be, with options to fill the column and adjust image alignment.  
    • Crop images by dragging a “crop area” to where you’d like your image cropped, with options to adjust the aspect ratio and manually input dimensions. 

See email and SMS usage in real time

  • Forecast your marketing budget with the new account usage page under the Billing area of your account. Compare your email and SMS usage over the last three, six, and twelve billing cyclers to better understand how much of your account you’re using compared to your Klaviyo plan. Read more about reviewing email and SMS usage in real time.