Klaviyo Product Event – March 2022

08.03.2022 — Klaviyo Product Event
08.03.2022 – Klaviyo Product Event

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Here's what we announced.

Form teasers

Turn website visitors into subscribers with form previews that appear at just the right time—unobtrusive yet easy to find.

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Profile merging

Automatically merge separate email-only and phone-only profiles belonging to the same customer, for better analytics and targeting.

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Mobile terms of service

SMS signup forms require a link to your terms of service. Let Klaviyo automatically create and host this page for you.

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Performance dashboard

Focus on the metrics that matter, with one view that provides immediate insight into your business.

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Webhook automations

Trigger actions on channels beyond email and SMS. Want to automatically send birthday cards to VIP customers? Now it’s possible.

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Developer portal

Klaviyo loves developers, and we’re improving on our foundational APIs, guides, SDKs, and developer content—so it’s easier to build on top of Klaviyo.

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