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Join the Klaviyo Partner Program and get access to exclusive content, training and support to help you become a Klaviyo expert. (Oh yeah, we’ll throw in rev share, too).

Whether you’re an agency that specializes in email marketing or a design and development firm looking to add email as a new stream of revenue, the Klaviyo Partner Program is here to support you. We work with a variety of great partners from full-service agencies to independent consultants.


See how Klaviyo helped Eventige Media Group cut their email marketing costs in half after just 5 months of being in the partner program.

Partner benefits

  • Rev Share
    Take your cut, or pass it on to your clients. Either way we'll reward you for the business you bring to Klaviyo.
  • Top-Notch Training
    Get access to exclusive training to learn how to get the most out of Klaviyo and data-driven marketing.
  • Peer-to-Peer Community
    Klaviyo agencies are invited to our agency Slack channel where you can ask questions and share opinions.
  • Agency-Only Communications
    Get access to weekly newsletters, product updates and more.
  • Product Roadmap
    Get advanced notice and training on feature launches so you can look good in front of your clients.
  • Marketing Materials
    From one-pagers to competitive comparisons, we'll give you what you need to sell Klaviyo effectively.
  • Access to New Leads
    Become a Gold or Platinum Partner and you’ll be listed in our Partner Directory, giving you additional exposure and access to new leads.
  • And that's not all...
    We're continually building and improving our Partner Program, adding new benefits and tools to help out agencies get the most out of Klaviyo.

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