Klaviyo Unveils New Visual Brand Identity

Comprehensive rebrand effort celebrates brands having full ownership over their data, relationships, customer experience, growth, success and destiny

BOSTON, MA — March 23, 2022 — Since 2012, Klaviyo, a unified customer platform, has strived to offer the best personalized experiences, infinitely scalable customer infrastructure, expert guidance and complete ownership of data and relationships. Today, the brand is introducing an entirely new visual design that debuts a new logo, iconography, type, imagery and color palette that more authentically represents Klaviyo’s mission and values.  

As Klaviyo has helped companies – from mom-and-pop shops to established brands – increase their success, it too has experienced tremendous growth. In 2021 alone, the company doubled its employee headcount, raised its Series D round of funding and saw its platform leveraged by customers to generate over $28B in revenue. The refreshed brand identity continues to signal Klaviyo’s belief that even with scale, meaningful connections matter – more than ever. 

Ownership is core to Klaviyo’s new brand identity. Klaviyo’s new mark is led by a flag, which seeks to represent a number of qualities and principles that matter to Klaviyo: data ownership, the communities Klaviyo helps its customers foster, the guidance the product gives, and success in speed. The color palette is rooted in neutrals with pops of bright color, and the imagery is warm and documentary-style, with a focus on the confidence and strength of Klaviyo’s customers. 

“Klaviyo’s always been focused on increasing ownership, and our new logo helps us signify that. Flags celebrate community and connection, they help guide and are instrumental in wayfinding, they’re symbols of speed and success,” said Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo. “Flags are the perfect symbol for Klaviyo—a company empowering and celebrating creators to own their data, to own their future, to see their purpose accelerated.” 

“The business has grown immensely over the past few years, and we wanted our brand to match the maturity and evolution of the company,” said John Goodwin, executive creative director of Klaviyo. “In a sea of tech sameness, our goal is to stand apart with a modern take on a classic, organic serif that is as relevant today as it will be 100 years from now. The flag on the logo mark acts as an exponent, showcasing how we help our customers grow exponentially.” 

The new branding conveys the company’s focus on its customers, with photography that features imagery and stories from Klaviyo customers BalaAPLPistol Lake and Gnarwhal Coffee Co.

“Klaviyo has not and will never be the hero,” said Kady Srinivasan, Klaviyo’s SVP, global head of marketing. “Klaviyo is a catalyst, forwarding customers on their journey, with full ownership of their success. Our new brand imagery represents that, taking a human-centric approach that puts our customers at the center of our verbal and visual communication.” 

Preview Klaviyo’s new visual and verbal identity here.

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that gives online brands direct ownership of their consumer data and interactions, empowering them to turn transactions with customers into long-term relationships—at scale. With Klaviyo, brands can combine customer data with more than 250 native integrations to automate personalized email and SMS communications that make customers feel seen. Klaviyo makes it easy—no need to start from scratch, piece together multiple platforms, or rely on third-party marketplaces and ad networks. From mom-and-pop shops to established companies, innovative brands like Unilever, Living Proof, Citizen Watches, and more than 90K other paying users leverage Klaviyo to acquire, engage, and retain customers—and grow on their own terms. Learn more at klaviyo.com.