Klaviyo Launches Klaviyo For Wellness

New solution, complete with Mindbody, Zenoti and Boulevard integrations, is built to empower wellness brands to thrive in the digital age

Boston, June 14, 2023 Klaviyo, a marketing automation and customer data platform that drives revenue growth for businesses of all sizes, today announced the launch of Klaviyo for Wellness. Tailored specifically for fitness studios, salons and other client-based services, Klaviyo for Wellness provides key integrations with Mindbody, Zenoti and Boulevard to help businesses effectively engage clients, build lasting relationships, and accelerate growth in the digital age.

According to a 2021 report from McKinsey & Company, more than 88% of health and wellness consumers are prioritizing personalization as much as or more than the years prior, and will spend elsewhere if they are not satisfied with their experience. In order to remain competitive, ensuring brands can personalize their communication is crucial.

Klaviyo’s new solution combines advanced automation, personalized marketing campaigns, and customer segmentation to drive meaningful engagement and conversion. By harnessing the power of Klaviyo’s robust flexible data infrastructure, wellness businesses can unlock valuable insights, identify target audiences, and deliver highly targeted and relevant messages to their clients at every stage of the customer journey.

“With the increasing demand for wellness products and services, it’s become crucial for businesses in this industry to leverage advanced data and marketing strategies to stand out from the competition and better engage with their current and future clients,” said Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo. “With Klaviyo for Wellness, these businesses now have the ability to utilize key integrations to connect with their clients on a deeper level, foster brand loyalty, and achieve sustainable growth.”

Fitness studios, gyms, salons, barber shops, spas and med spas using Klaviyo for Wellness can:

  • Personalize and connect their client experience: Our pre-built integrations make it easy for a wellness business to get their data into Klaviyo, providing a deep understanding of every client—what locations they visit, what services they book, membership type, and much more. Businesses can use this data to automate timely, relevant communications that make clients and members happy throughout their journey, including to:
    • Welcome new client with special promotions
    • Confirm bookings and prepare each client for their visit
    • Request feedback following a visit
    • Encourage one-time clients to become members
    • Reactivate lost members
  • Grow their bottom line: Wellness businesses can attract new clients with precise targeting and increase revenue from each client with tailored recommendations and promotions to increase booking size and product sales. Businesses can:
    • Cross-sell and upsell products and services based on prior purchase history
    • Trigger an abandoned booking flow when a client does not complete their service booking
    • Announce new services and special promotions specific to each location
    • Send special offers to their VIP members
    • Promote loyalty and referral programs
    • Acquire new guests that resemble their best members via paid and social ads
  • Simplify their operations: Businesses can uncover key insights about their business operations and easily evaluate the success of their marketing tactics to make strategic decisions that enable each location to operate more efficiently. Businesses can get visibility into:
    • Most popular services
    • Busiest locations
    • Top performing providers
    • Trends over time (days/weeks/months)
    • Marketing channels and tactics that drive the most revenue

Current Klaviyo for Wellness customers include CorePower Yoga, Heyday Skincare, and OVME.

“Since we started with Klaviyo, the platform has enhanced the email marketing world for us in a number of ways — especially by being incremental to our revenue and by providing innovative and strategic branding opportunities,” said Ema Sepúlveda, Marketing Coordinator at CorePower Yoga. “I can’t wait to see the places that Klaviyo will take us as a business and brand.”

To help celebrate the launch, Klaviyo is taking over Seaport Sweat, a free outdoor fitness series in Boston’s Seaport. To learn more about Klaviyo’s growth solution for wellness brands, click here.

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