Klaviyo Announces Integration With Amazon’s Buy With Prime

The Buy with Prime integration with Klaviyo helps businesses increase customer conversion and drive loyalty

Boston, May 252023 Klaviyo, an intelligent marketing automation and customer data platform for B2C businesses, today announced a new integration with Amazon’s Buy with Prime. The Klaviyo for Buy with Prime integration enables Klaviyo users to easily sync their Buy with Prime order and customer data with their Klaviyo account, giving them a more complete view of each customer. The additional data provided by this integration ensures businesses can provide more targeted communications to the same customers in the future, helping businesses further nurture customer relationships and drive repeat purchases.

Once the Klaviyo for Buy with Prime integration is connected, the business’ Buy with Prime order and customer information is automatically synced with their Klaviyo account. Businesses can then leverage their Buy with Prime data in flows, campaigns, segmentation, and reporting on Klaviyo’s platform, helping them scale personalized outreach and drive sales.

Available now, businesses who use Klaviyo for Buy with Prime can:

  • Have a single, real-time view of every customer: The Klaviyo for Buy with Prime integration provides a quick and easy sync of customer order data, giving businessesa more complete view of each customer within Klaviyo. With customer data in one place, businesses can leverage Klaviyo to make predictions about a customer’s next order date, customer lifetime value, churn risk, and more, allowing them to create and deliver highly personalized experiences across digital channels.
  • Increase conversions and revenue: A new capability introduced with this integration is the ability to re-target customers who initiated a Buy with Prime order but did not complete the checkout. Now, businesses can re-target these customers with automated abandoned checkout emails. Additional capabilities for businesses include using Klaviyo’s advertising integrations to attract new customers that made similar Buy with Prime product purchases and cross-promote other products that are eligible for Buy with Prime, so they can convert and attract new customers with timely and relevant communications.
  • Build and nurture direct customer relationships: By having more control over customer order information and data, businesses can now automate post-purchase flows for Buy with Prime customers, ask about their experience, cross-sell and up-sell with personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s purchase history, create a new segment of customers who purchase through Buy with Prime and send personalized communications that acknowledge a customer’s preferred method of purchasing.

“It’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to stand out in today’s ecommerce market — which means it’s crucial for businesses to utilize their own customer data to fuel more personalized marketing efforts and cultivate brand loyalty,” said Rich Gardner, SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo. “Our goal is to build partnerships and integrations that empower our customers to own their destiny. We’re thrilled to partner with Amazon on this integration to enable businesses using the Klaviyo platform to effortlessly sync, access and analyze shopper data from purchases made using Buy with Prime.”

“We’re continuously adding new features and functionalities to Buy with Prime to help merchants of all sizes better serve their customers wherever they shop by building a direct relationship with them,” said Russell Baker, director of partnerships and integrations, Buy with Prime. “We’re excited to partner with Klaviyo on this integration to enable merchants to use data to build customer loyalty and drive sales.”

For more information on how to get started with Klaviyo and Buy with Prime, click here.

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