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Your guide to Wix x Klaviyo ecommerce

Your owned marketing channels are cost-effective, consensual ways to engage with your customers. Make the most of them with Wix and Klaivyo.

Discover the powerful integration to take back your power

The economic uncertainty facing merchants and marketers in 2023 is no reason to pause your marketing efforts. But it is an occasion to think strategically about the channels you put your money and energy into.

If you’re already using Wix, you know how robust and intuitive the platform is. Integrating Klaviyo with your Wix account is easy and can help you drive more revenue and meet your growth goals through emails, SMS messages, and forms that are not only automated but also beautiful, helping you engage with customers, repeat buyers, and ambassadors.

Wix and Klaviyo merchants can use the two powerful platforms together to maximize the impact of their owned marketing channels—and their ecommerce marketing strategy as a whole.

According to Bogar Alonso, former head of ecommerce outbound marketing and thought leadership at Wix, “Klaviyo is tailor-made for merchants who are ready to scale—or any merchant that understands the need to maximize revenue and operations through the use of automation.”

So are you ready to scale? If so, we’re ready for you.

Download the guide to find out more about:

  • Why merchants use Wix
  • How Wix and Klaviyo can help you scale your business
  • Getting started with Wix x Klaviyo
  • The perks of a deep integration

Wix merchants that are looking to grow in this post-cookies world can lean on the customer data capabilities that Klaviyo provides to hit their customers at the time, frequency, and cadence that they want.

Bogar Alonso
former head of ecommerce outbound marketing and thought leadership at Wix