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Why do you need a signup form strategy?

A form might seem like a small part of your ecommerce marketing plan, but it’s a budget-friendly way to encourage people to opt in to messages directly from your brand—future communication over owned channels that builds loyalty, inspires purchases, and more.

But if you’re asking which type of sign-up form is “best,” then, the frustrating answer is: It depends. Testing is going to be the best bet to find what works for your unique brand.

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  • What a signup form is + why it’s an essential part of your ecommerce marketing strategy
  • 4 types of signup forms + submission rate for each
  • 13 best practices for creating signup forms that convert
  • How to build your best signup form yet
  • Signup form examples from real brands

There is a collection of many smaller technical elements of sign-up forms that brands are just missing out on.

Ben Zettler
Digital marketing and ecommerce consultant, Ben Zettler Digital