From Acquisition to Retention:

Optimizing Your DTC Customer Journey

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Changes in consumer behavior inspired the direct-to-consumer (DTC) movement and as a result, brands are finding new ways to engage their customers and build brand recognition. Between order transactions, promo emails, SMS offers, and more, the list of customer-facing communications is never ending. And reaching your audience across these various digital touchpoint has never been more important.

But are you fully leveraging your marketing resources and all the data you’re collecting to create a cohesive customer journey? Discover innovative omnichannel strategies proven to help DTC marketers drive top-line revenue growth profitably. Say goodbye to data silos. From acquisition to retention, you’ll learn how to optimize your marketing with a deeper understanding of your customers at all stages of their lifecycle.

This webinar covers:
– Top traits of successful DTC brands
– What an optimized end-to-end customer experience looks like
– Marketing strategies to help you drive profit and improve retention