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Refining customer retention marketing strategies in a bear market

What your brand needs to know to balance acquisition and retention for efficiency in today’s ever-changing economy.

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Starting new relationships—and community bonds of all types—is work.

There are only so many people who need your product. And while some verticals lend themselves better to subscriptions or other types of repeat purchases, customer retention is key for the health of your business—no matter what you’re selling.

In this guide, you’ll get a primer on the best retention marketing strategies from thought leaders across ecommerce industries.

Whether you use this advice to improve your already existing program, kickstart a program ASAP (before BFCM), or just make sure you’ve checked off all the best practices, our experts—from brands including Jones Road Beauty, Recharge, Okendo, Gorgias, LoyaltyLion, Tapcart, SkinnyDip London, Shipbob, and, of course Klaviyo—cover it all.

Top 3 retention marketing tips for BFCM and beyond: