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2024 consumer trends report

Based on responses collected from 2,448 active Australian and New Zealand consumers, discover insights to power smarter digital relationships with today’s shoppers.

The evolving purchase journey

In 2024, there are multiple touchpoints that influence consumers’ habits and behaviours. This report explores how personalisation, segmentation, and omnichannel experiences impact consumer purchasing decisions—and how retailers can better power smarter digital relationships with them.

Read the report to discover:

  • How consumers feel about personalisation
  • How retailers’ marketing efforts are performing
  • What matters most to consumers when it comes to omnichannel shopping
  • Actionable tactics from experts to apply to your marketing strategy

Consumers have spoken

report email as their preferred channel
say personalisation has influenced them to purchase
who start their shopping journey online complete it in a physical store
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Discover insights to power smarter digital relationships with today’s consumers

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