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We love hearing about the success our customers have seen with Klaviyo. Here are just a few customer reviews showing the real revenue impact from switching from Mailchimp to Klaviyo.

"We made the switch from Mailchimp because we were unhappy with the limited customization on automated email flows. We knew money was being left on the table. Moving to Klaviyo was extremely easy, and we had a customer support member walk us through the whole process. Integrating with Shopify took less than 5 minutes, and we had our whole account up and running (email flows and all) in a matter of 1-2 days."

Matt, President

"Since making the switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, we've seen significant revenue growth! For example, we've increased purchases influenced by automated flows by 270%. We've also taken advantage of your 'viewed product triggers' a feature that Mailchimp didn't have... this feature alone paid for Klaviyo 10 fold. We can't express how amazing Klaviyo is. Not only do they problem solve, but they also help create new opportunities for growth."

Brandon, Director of ecommerce

"Switching from MailChimp to Klaviyo was one of the smartest things our company has ever done. In less than a year we have seen a 10x growth in email marketing sales, and that all stems from Klaviyo's unique ability to segment, automate, and integrate with many of our other apps."

Dylan, CEO

"The ease of the switch from mailchimp to Klaviyo was outstanding - the Klaviyo team helped out with all my questions and hesitations. The 'out of the box'/pre built automation flow that are in Klaviyo have not only benefited us in time spent (or not in this case) in the setting up but also we have noticed an increase in our revenue. Also some flows that we would have never thought of building!"

Greg, Online Manager

“So, if you are an online store owner, who is interested in using a marketing software that drives sales and enables a fast-growing based on behavior, instead of settling for sending emails or getting opens, Klaviyo is perfect for you.”

MailChimp Ended the Partnership with Shopify.
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“There are alternatives that can do the job just as well—actually, better… (Klaviyo) It’s the platform that we recommend”

Mailchimp & Shopify Are Splitting Up. Here’s What You Need To Know.
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“Time and again, we’ve found it (Klaviyo) to be the best solution for our clients’ needs, and we’ve made our clients a lot of money using it.”

Mailchimp and Shopify have broken up. So what’s next?
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"I’ve overseen two transitions from Mailchimp to Klaviyo for two different companies. The integration with Shopify is seamless and easy to set up, and there’s just no comparison when it comes to automation capabilities. The customer service is outstanding as well. Klaviyo is the clear winner."

Lee, Director of DTC Ecommerce

"It’s led to an increase of almost 60% in revenue per recipient. And with Klaviyo’s segmenting capability, I’m able to hindsight each week’s strategy and see if there was something we missed or could have improved on."

"We have grown our clients sales significantly from when they switched from MailChimp to Klaviyo. We refuse to use MailChimp. It's outdated and confusing. We feel that Klaviyo is the top e-commerce email marketing platform on the market. It's been incredibly easy to port clients from MailChimp to Klaviyo. And we love how simple it is to integrate with Shopify. The Klaviyo Shopify integration is much simpler than any of the other ESP's we used in the past."

Chase, Founder

"LonoLife made the switch to Klaviyo to align with our growth goals. When we decided to take email marketing to the next level, we chose the solution that came highly recommend to us from other market leaders; Klaviyo! Since implementing, we have seen incredible growth in customer engagement and steadily improving sales. We have just scratched the surface of the power of Klaviyo, and with their continued guidance, look forward to accelerated growth."

Craig, Co-founder

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Over the last few years, this has changed. Klaviyo and Mailchimp have made many improvements. Klaviyo is easy to use and it’s way more powerful. The Klaviyo integration with Shopify is lights out.


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We’ll recommend @klaviyo or @getconversio. MailChimp had improved in the last 12 months but was never feature rich enough.

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MC is great for general email, but Klaviyo is superior hands down on segmentation and dynamic emails for eCommerce. It’s unfortunate they’ve had this break with Shopify. Lots of folks will likely bolt ??‍♀️


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You honestly get what you pay for. And if set up correctly, the revenue will come from using it. I compared both products in 2016 when I started my Shopify marketing agency and it was @klaviyo all of the way full speed ahead. Just like @Shopify, @klaviyo is the best in class.


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MailChimp announced the end of their partnership with Shopify, because of data security concerns. Are you ready to switch to Klaviyo?


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@Shopify/@ShopifyPartners friends, colleagues & anyone interested: fear not about the kerfuffle w/ @Mailchimp. 1) @klaviyo is better frankly. I witnessed it this week with my own eyes. 2) there are manual workarounds and 3PI like @zapier. Say it with me: we’re all alright


"At first we were slightly hesitant to move to Klaviyo as the cost was more than Mailchimp. However, we set up a couple simple flows that weren’t available in Mailchimp in which we immediately started seeing thousands of dollars a month. We are making 10x the extra cost just by switching to Klaviyo."

Scott, Founder

"We loved the ease of implementation transitioning from Mailchimp to Klaviyo on a Shopify platform. It was all plug and play and literally took just a few minutes to get up and running. From the start it wasn't just basic automations, they were really intricate flows that are really easy and intuitive to get setup."

Ryan, Co-Founder

"We switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo because of their robust automations. Many consumers were not using our gear correctly and the outreach took a lot of time to manage, whereas an automation could make a happy customer before the pack arrived. From there we automated many more processes and love their email template creation for our weekly email."

Josh, CEO

"Taking the leap from Mailchimp to Klaviyo has helped supercharge our growth. Automated flows and segmenting help us deliver personalized and exciting content that our newsletter members really enjoy. This relevancy makes every point of contact more meaningful and useful for our current and future customers."

Josh, Director of Growth

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With the “divorce” announcement of #Mailchimp and @Shopify, I see many people focusing only in the price increase on alternatives like @klaviyo, without looking further in why the price increase, what are the benefits and added features.


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MailChimp announced the end of their partnership with Shopify, because of data security concerns.

Are you ready to switch to Klaviyo?


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Klaviyo for the Win! Sincerely if you’re serious about email marketing for eCommerce, that’s the way to go! ❤️


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#Mailchimp‘s Intergration with #Shopify is going away. Maybe it is the time to move to Klaviyo. ALL my ecommerce clients made more money on Klaviyo within the first month.


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Klaviyo is such a superior product. Glad you switched!


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If you’re a Shopify merchant using Mailchimp, don’t take their breakup too hard: it’s time for a new ESP, and we’d like to introduce you to @klaviyo ??


"Klaviyo has developed a powerful and easy to use system that integrates with Shopify and delivers incredible power to brands. We're able to drive our email marketing campaigns with a level of sophistication and ease that was not possible with our prior partners"

Drew, Founder

"By switching from MailChimp to Klaviyo, we were able to make email marketing the backbone of our business through intuitively built email flows based on easily defined customer segments. Better yet, integration with Shopify was a breeze and required no learning curve."

Joe, Founder

"Since switching to Klaviyo, we’ve seen a 15% to 20% boost in conversions. The block template builder is easy to put together powerful content that connects with our audiences."

Tyler, Social Media Coordinator

"Every business needs Klaviyo. The ability and ease to design and create emails, segment audiences, and integrate with Facebook and Shopify at this caliber is game changing. It’s truly increased our sales pipeline and taken B.U.L.K Beef Jerky to the next level."

Nick, CMO

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In an online post, Mailchimp says: “Yesterday, we asked Shopify to remove the Mailchimp for Shopify integration from their marketplace.”

If you have mailchimp and shopify….come on over to Klaviyo! Need help with it??
bit.ly/wbbconsult (I got you)??

Pamela J. Booker

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Mailchimp is ending their direct integration with Shopify on May 12th. If you’re going bananas over the potential impact on your digital marketing, please reach out to see how Klaviyo will transform your business.

Adam Sharon-Zipser

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Shopify users – it’s time to migrate

With the breaking news today with mailchimp breaking up with shopify, it time to move to Klaviyo!

Stores/shops that use Shopify are in love with Klaviyo.

Amazing results, better reporting and so many more features available to you.

Message me for a smooth migration from mailchimp to Klaviyo.

Shaun Reynolds

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#shopify & #MailChimp broke up this week. To quote Shopify, (it) “had growing concerns about Mailchimp’s app because of the poor merchant experience and their refusal to respect our Partner Program Agreement.”
For eCom stores, we strongly recommend #Klaviyo. Klaviyo comes with some great #features, #integrations & #automations.

Time to make the switch!

What platform is your #ecommerce store on?

Veena Gandhi

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Some ecommerce drama on Friday, MailChimp and Shopify are no longer friends as they officially break off their partnership ?

Here is TechCrunch’s take: https://lnkd.in/gFX-EQZ

My take: I’ve always preferred Klaviyo anyway, let me show you what we can do with Klaviyo and you won’t look back.

Drop me a message, happy to demo.

Ryan Atkins

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Why Klaviyo?
1. It has a great integration with Shopify (richer data)
2. Infinite segmentation possibilities which allows you to easily setup infinite email flows based on various triggers.
3. Strong integration with a lot of other tools which allows you to extend segmentation and flows on other (marketing) areas.
4. Advanced features like predictive customer analytics.
5. Build for ecom from the ground up

Omar Lovert

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I was looking into a different email system that blows them out of the park!

Check out Klaviyo–Build for e-commerce.

Email that self segments and directs to the right person.

Email that can be automated so well that you have more time for everything else.

Shopify users that switched to Klaviyo saw a massive increase in conversion.

Malkie Scholnick

"Our company's #1 revenue channel is email... and Klaviyo plays no small role in this. The automation, segmentation, and integration with Shopify are all best in class. We've cut our weekly time spent in half and doubled our revenue since moving to the Klaviyo platform."

Ryan, CEO

"We made the switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and haven't looked back. As a company focused on the customer experience, having a powerful email provider is crucial. Their Shopify integration is seamless and the automation abilities allow us to email our customers at the perfect moment."

Brian, Chief Marketing Officer

"Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify allows us to seamlessly and effectively execute our digital marketing strategy whether it’s behavioral segmentation with frequent purchasers, lead generation or automated flows. The campaign builder is also a tremendous tool that lets us design, segment and send on the fly with a killer on-brand look."

Mike, Brand Manager

"Our transition to Klaviyo from Mailchimp has been like night and day. We’ve been able to segment our lists cleanly and implement multiple flows easily into Shopify. Thanks to our digital marketing agency Amplio Digital, our email agency Loyal Tribe and Klaviyo, we’ve been able to attribute 48% of online sales to email automations and campaigns. Klaviyo is the marketing platform you need to do e-commerce in 2019 and beyond."

Angelica, Digital Marketing Manager

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