Shopping Cart Abandonment Resources

Shopping cart abandonment happens to every brand. So what can you do to recover lost sales? Check out these resources on abandoned cart recovery emails and marketing automations to improve your conversion rate with new and returning customers alike.

Shopping cart abandonment 101

Learn the basics about abandoned cart email automation for your ecommerce store. Start with these resources.

Abandoned cart resources by ecommerce platform

With each ecommerce platform comes a unique set of challenges for abandoned cart automations. Check out these resources if you run your store on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento.

Advanced shopping cart abandonment strategies

You know the basics of abandoned cart email automation. Now, use these resources to level up your cart recovery strategy.

Insights from brands that use shopping cart abandonment strategies to convert shoppers

Top direct-to-consumer brands use abandoned cart automations to convert customers. Learn how the marketers behind these brands have created successful abandoned cart strategies.

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More shopping cart abandonment resources

There’s always something more to learn about optimizing abandoned carts.. Use these resources to continue learning how to iterate and improve your cart recovery strategy.

Recover abandoned carts with Klaviyo

Put your cart abandonment knowledge to the test. Learn how to implement these cart recovery strategies in Klaviyo.

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Guide to Creating an Abandoned Cart Flow

Find out how to build an abandoned cart flow in your Klaviyo account by using pre-built templates or creating your own emails.

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How to Build Dynamic Blocks in a Flow Email

Find out how to build out an abandoned cart dynamic block in Klaviyo and use event data within a flow email.

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Add a Link With a Unique Coupon Code

Automatically apply unique coupon codes to customers carts to make it easier for them to place an order.

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