How to Create an Abandoned Cart Flow for Shopify

Create an Abandoned Cart Flow

Klaviyo’s seamless integration with Shopify makes it incredibly easy to set up flows, most notably abandoned carts. I’ve written at length about abandoned carts and why every ecommerce company should send them. They are a hugely productive way to drive revenue, and brands often see an ROI of $5 to $10 per abandoned cart email sent. If you’re using Shopify as your ecommerce platform, these flows are automatically set up for you.

How an Abandoned Cart Flow is Triggered

Klaviyo comes with a personally branded, out-of-the-box abandoned cart flow already set up. If you’d like, you can simply enable this flow in your Getting Started tab and sit back while your abandoned cart emails send.

That said, you may want to make some changes to these emails before you start sending them. Instead of starting from scratch, edit or clone and edit Klaviyo’s pre-built abandoned cart flow.

Abandoned cart flows are only sent to shoppers who have added items to their carts, but not purchased them. So, this flow is triggered by a shopper taking the action Checkout Started. In order to narrow this group of people to only those who haven’t purchased, there is another condition based on what someone has or hasn’t done.

abandoned cart flow triggerOnly people who have Placed Order zero times since starting this flow are included. That way, you won’t exclude people who have purchased other products during other shopping sessions.

abandoned cart flow trigger-2

If you’d like to segment your abandoned carts to target specific subsets of your customer base (i.e. first-time or repeat buyers), this is where you can add additional conditions.

Populating an Abandoned Cart Email

Since you’ll already have your flow set up correctly, you can start by creating the individual emails. First, choose when you would like to send your first abandoned cart email. We recommend sending it after 2-4 hours.

Next, decide how you would like your abandoned cart emails to look. In general, abandoned cart emails can take either a product-focused or brand-focused approach, so select whichever is more appropriate for your store.

You’ll want to include some dynamic information about the abandoned product or products, like quantity, size, color, or price, as well as an image. Klaviyo automatically inserts the product image, product name, quantity, and total price for each item into our pre-built abandoned cart emails. However, there is more data that is available for you to use.

When you preview your abandoned cart email, you’ll be able to view all the data that is being imported from your Shopify store. These properties are called event variables. Let’s say you’d also like to include the type of an item in your abandoned cart email. You can do this by:

  1. Previewing the email
  2. Finding the variable you’d like to include (in this case, type)
  3. Copying it
  4. Pasting it into your template

abandoned cart flow event variables


Visit our docs for a more advanced overview of event variables and learn how else you can leverage them in your email templates.


Klaviyo automatically creates an abandoned cart flow for all users on Shopify, so all you’ll have to do is update your branding within the emails. Klaviyo will automatically pull in an image of the product, as well as the quantity and price. You can include additional variables, too, by copy and pasting these properties from the preview of the email.

If you’d like to get more sophisticated and segment your abandoned carts, you can start by cloning this initial abandoned cart flow and work from there to narrow the definitions and layouts of the emails.

Interested in learning more about creating and optimizing abandoned cart automations? Check out these shopping cart abandonment resources.

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