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Klavivo Is the marketing platform for brands that are focused on growth from one. Start growing your brand with personalised email, mobile, and web experiences that scale with you.

A better way to build your brand
Discover a more effective way to grow with intuitive features that save time and deliver powerful results.


Create ultra-targeted one-time announcements that build strong customer relationships and make more money.


Target specific audiences by defining custom segments that update automatically. Get as specific as you’d like.


Pull in and use unlimited data from your ecommerce platform, marketing software, and more.


Streamline communication with automatic interactions like welcome emails and abandoned cart notifications.


Build your subscriber list and gather data to learn about your audience and build deeper customer relationships.


View real-time information about customer activity, revenue, and more—all in one place.


Deliver ultra-relevant marketing moments by tailoring individual experiences with customer data.

Customer profiles

See everything you need to know about customers and subscribers in a single view.

Paid advertising

Attract more valuable customers and create consistent experiences by transferring data with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.