New Klaviyo APIs

Build data-driven experiences with our customer infrastructure

Power a new generation of experiences and applications with our new REST APIs.

New API endpoints

Updated API endpoints

Updated APIs coming soon

New API features

Compound documents and resource relationships

Improve API efficiency and get your data in fewer requests by “including” related resource objects in the response

  • Hydrate responses without redundant queries
  • Eliminate API chaining and get data faster
New API features

Sparse fieldsets

Get just the data you need in fewer requests with smaller responses.

  • Reduce API latency with customizable response fields
  • Available for initial API objects as well as related resources
New API features

Enhanced filtering and sorting

Query for specific data and control how that data is returned.

  • Filter and sort the exact data you need to execute requests
    • Sort by data type including timestamp or alphabetical
    • Filter by comparing literals such as strings, booleans, integers, and more

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