Data-backed steps to grow faster: An analysis of 40K ecommerce brands

We reviewed over 40K brands to better understand the actions that are driving growth and success. Now, we’re giving you the data-backed best practices and next steps you can use to drive impact right away.

Best practices from top-performing brands

The fastest growing brands on Klaviyo are seeing 245% annual growth in Klaviyo attributed value (KAV). Here’s what these brands are doing to drive those results—and how you can do the same.


Send at least 1 SMS campaign per week

While top brands execute multiple tactics to see results, adding SMS as a channel is a top strategy to accelerate your KAV growth. If you aren’t already, start sending at least 1 SMS campaign per week.

Setting the stage matters

When adding the SMS channel, make sure you have an SMS welcome flow turned on. It’s a critical early step to launching your SMS marketing program, and sets proper expectations with your audience.

Not sure what to send?

Get actionable SMS copywriting tips, or use SMS AI to generate optimized, compliant SMS copy suggestions in seconds.

This image has a Klaviyo branded red flag on a beige background. The image says "Top performing brands send at least 1 SMS campaign per week."

The top 10% of brands send 2 campaigns per week

The fastest growing brands send an average of 8 campaigns per month across email and SMS. Examples include flash sale announcements, new product drops, holiday-specific offers, company wins, or community highlights.

Campaigns optimization matters

The top 10% of brands have a 2.54% median click rate, and a 0.52% order rate from their campaigns. A/B test, segment, and optimize to make your campaigns more impactful.

Need help planning your calendar?

Follow our strategy guide for best practices on building your campaign calendar.

This image has a Klaviyo branded red flag on a beige background. The image says "Top performing brands send 8 campaigns per month on average."

Segmentation is a signal for long-term health

The top 10% of fast growing brands make segmentation a critical part of their campaigns, which keeps their spam and bounce rates low.

Segment by engagement level matters

Steal a page from the top performing brands, which often implement a tiered engagement segmentation strategy that looks like this: send 70% of campaigns to engaged profiles, 20% to a broader audience, and 10% to the whole list.

Not sure where to start?

Pick high value segments to start with like repeat purchasers, new shoppers, and high value customers, and craft campaigns specifically for them. For more ideas, check our best practices guide.

This image has a Klaviyo branded red flag on a beige background. The image says "Top performing brands have a less than .5% bounce rate on their campaigns."
build your audience faster

Publish at least 2 forms to expedite list growth 

High-growth brands have at least two forms live on their site—typically one pop-up and one embedded form.

Form conversion rate matters

The top 40% of brands have a 2.8% form conversion rate. The top 10% have a 3.6% conversion rate––and they grew their form conversion rate .6% YoY.

What to do next

Have at least two forms on your site, one for new visitors and another targeting email subscribers, encouraging them to join your SMS list. Then, A/B test offers to increase conversion. Learn how.

This image has a Klaviyo branded red flag on a beige background. The image says "Top performing brands have at least 2 forms live on their site: a pop-up and an embed."

Automated flows drive results: Aim for 7 or more 

Top performing brands have at least 7 automated flows live, including: a welcome series for both email and SMS, browse and cart abandonment, post-purchase, win-back, sunset flow, and price drop flows.

Automation breadth matters

Automation complexity—like splits & experiments—while useful, wasn’t as impactful as other tactics. Adopt flow breadth, and then annually audit and update existing flows. Spend the rest of your time on campaigns or adding additional automations.

What to do next

Take a look at the flows you have live already, and identify places along the customer journey that you could automate by launching a new flow. Need inspiration? See examples of the top automations that drive strong engagement.

This image has a Klaviyo branded red flag on a beige background. The image says "Top performing brands have at least 7 automated flows live."

Ready to grow faster this month? Follow the checklist below.

The more you check off the list, the more your account will look like the top tier of brands.

  • Send two more campaigns this month, selected from the following: sale announcement, new product drop, company announcement, community highlights, or a message from the founder.

  • Send at least 1 SMS campaign per month. A product drop campaign or a VIP campaign are great options to start.

  • A/B test and optimize your sends to increase order rate by .03%

  • Increase your audience size by 10%. A good place to start is to create a lookalike audience on Facebook using your VIP segment in Klaviyo.

  • Create and send messages to three new segments: repeat customers, new shoppers, and VIP customers

  • Launch more automations to increase your flow count to at least 7. Use the flow library to start, and find 1-2 you want to launch.

  • Publish more live forms, increasing your total form count to at least 2

See the best practices in action

How did we conduct this research?

The team analyzed product usage and revenue differences between August of 2022 and August 2023, removing accounts with less than three months of Klaviyo usage to reduce the noise caused by onboarding. A year of data was used to manage seasonality.

We then looked at several factors to determine growth: Klaviyo attributed value growth (KAV)–– the amount of revenue driven directly by Klaviyo messages, gross merchandising volume growth (GMV), KAV to GMV ratio, and median Klaviyo ROI.

We found that the fastest growing brands have 245% median KAV growth YoY, 80% median GMV growth YoY, 46% median KAV to GMV ratio, and an 87x median Klaviyo ROI.