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Only Curls

“We saw a spike in revenue after only a few days running the software, and without a huge amount of heavy lifting. Since setting up Klaviyo in May 2019, our revenue has more than quadrupled (compared to 2018) – and it’s no coincidence.”

Hugo, Co-Founder


“When we onboarded with Klaviyo, our business instantly grew to the next level. Having targeted segments set up in robust flows and campaigns helped us scale smartly and take ownership over key revenue channels with limited staff. Klaviyo will continue to be a vital aspect of our business as we look to our growth in the future.”

Jennifer Coddou, Co-Founder

Just Bolt-On Performance Parts

“Klaviyo has revolutionized the we create and distribute email marketing to our customers. The automated workflows and unique contact segmentation, creates professional and effective marketing campaigns.”

Mark Solomon, Managing Partner


“We’ve found Klaviyo to be an affordable and easy to use solution for email marketing and customer data. With its intuitive, modular approach, we have complex flows that target users at key points in their individual personal journeys and experiences with Scully’s.”

Kareen Balsam, Marketing Manager

Organic Soak

“I switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and could not be happier! Within 25 minutes, I designed three sign up forms, integrated them into my site, and my set-up an entire welcome series sales funnel. I was never able to do that with Mailchimp (despite using them for years) – it was far too technical of a process.”

Nancy Daitolo, Founder

Kim Manley Herbals

“Klaviyo has allowed our company to understand and connect with our client base in a whole new way! It has a seamless integration with our ecommerce platform (BigCommerce) puts relevant customer and purchasing data at my fingertips, empowering us to serve our clients in more personal ways.”

Bonnie Campbell, Director of Marketing and Outreach

C4 Healthlabs

“Not only have the analytics that we have through Klaviyo helped to fine tune and develop our messaging to convert and retain customers, the data has also helped us understand potential user behaviors. This allows us to work proactively rather than reactivity, saving us time and money on every level of our business.”

Tara Glitner, Senior Marketing Manager

Cuenca Cigars

“I can’t believe how much my website has grown since we started using Klaviyo. Klaviyo has helped me develop new strategies by the valuable data that it provides us. Klaviyo has continued to completely exceed my expectations.”

Ana Cuenca, Marketing Director

Nuun Hydration

“Klaviyo is light-years ahead of our previous ESP.
We love how easy it is to customize content for multiple audiences, create and manage drip campaigns, and tie webstore revenue back to our campaigns.”

Emily Baird, Digital Marketing Manager

Norman Love Confections

“Klaviyo’s automation capabilities have completely changed our approach to email marketing. The intuitive setup and powerful insights have helped us scale our e-commerce business by consistently driving sales on autopilot, 24/7/365.”

Chris Haller, Digital Marketing Director

Fleur Marche

“Klaviyo is an extremely user-friendly tool that’s perfect for a small company like ours. Onboarding was quick and painless, day to day use is easy and very intuitive, and the reporting functionality is really advanced. Thanks to Klaviyo, email has become one of our main revenue driving channels.”

Ashley Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO

Nanocraft CBD

“Klaviyo has been a game changer for our monthly revenue. As a CBD brand, customer retention is more important than ever. Using Klaviyo has helped us achieve a 51% repeat purchase rate with email marketing driving 32% of our total revenue. The advanced segmentation and intuitive flows have been pivotal to our success. We’ll be clients for life.”

Austin Beals, Director of Marketing


“Klaviyo has been a great communication channel between my business and our customers and potential customers. I love creating targeted segments and creating email flows with unique content that speaks to these specific segments and we can do that easily in Klaviyo.”

Rana Lustyan, CEO & Founder

Kodiak Cakes

“Klaviyo has been a fantastic resource for Kodiak Cakes. From segmentation, personalization, and integration, we have been able to connect with our customers effectively and efficiently via email.”

Sara Drury, Digital Marketing Manager

Bright Star Kids

“I was contemplating switching to Klaviyo for years and after finally taking the leap 12 months ago I am delighted to say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s so affordable, yet has incredibly powerful and intuitive software that was so easy to plug into our Magento site. Best of all our revenue has grown YoY through this channel but our costs have been cut in half. Massive win win!!”

Susan Coopper, Co-founder & CEO

Home Science Tools

“Switching to Klaviyo from our previous email platform was a breath of fresh air – very straightforward and intuitive to use. Klaviyo makes it remarkably simple to create segments that ensure we’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time!”

Anna Murnion, Email Marketing Manager

Maison Miru

“Moving to Klaviyo has revolutionized our email marketing and simplified my life as a developer. Robust A/B testing tools have improved our email campaign response rates by 33%. And we’ve finally been able to automate our Back in Stock flow, including coupons, eliminating a bunch of custom code and manual labor.”

Mark Tonkelowitz, Co-Founder

The Bali Market

“I’ve tried multiple email service providers and Klaviyo is the only one that makes sense for e-commerce. It’s one of the most important parts of my business. Being able to segment subscribers based on ecom specific attributes helps increase customer lifetime value. Segmenting also means I’m able to send relevant emails – which means ways less unsubscribes. Over 40% of my sales come directly from the emails I send from Klaviyo.”

Grace Druecke, Founder

TIME Slippers

“We switched to Klaviyo in October last year and saw a 62% increase in sales during Q4. The ecommerce segmenting is significantly better than our previous email platform. Couldn’t be happier.”

Ryan Dougherty, Founder

Caffeine and Kilos

“Working with Klaviyo has allowed us to get a full picture of how email interacts with all of our marketing efforts. Our email revenue is up, and our customers are getting a much better experience.”

Danny Lehr, Owned and CEO

’47 Brand

“Klaviyo has been a major upgrade to our email marketing. The advanced segmentation, easy integrations, and high-level flows have made it easier to reach all of our customers at the right time with the most relevant content.”

Kevin Cameron, Customer Retention Marketing Manager


“We’re a small player in a fairly big industry and since joining Klaviyo we’ve seen a 65% increase in email revenue! We’re looking forward to further growth through Klaviyo’s automated email flows and powerful segmentation tools.”

Katrina Zivkovich, Digital Marketing Specialist

“We have been using Klaviyo since February 2019 for email management and customer engagement. Not only was the integration process seamless, but with Segmented targeting within Klaviyo, we have seen our online revenues increase to a third of our total sales through the use this feature.”

Kriti Chuhan, Digital Marketing Director

Kira Grace

“We switched to Klaviyo last October. The onboarding process took about three weeks to get fully integrated and all of our flows going. Our 2018 Q4 had a 74% increase in overall revenue compared to 2017, with a 21% increase in email revenue.”

Kirra Bixby, Media and Marketing Manager


“Since making the switch from Omnisend to Klaviyo, we have seen improvement specifically in our deliverability, open rates, and revenue. Klaviyo follows best practices and is extremely user friendly, making it easy to design flows and weekly email campaigns that convert.”

Emma Falk, Co-Founder

Booty by Brabants

“Switching to Klaviyo was one of the best decisions we made for Booty by Brabants. The Klaviyo team makes it super easy to switch over, the platform is very user friendly with tons of accessible resources, and our emails are performing so much better
than before.”

Hannah Wieckowski, Assistant and Pop-up Store Manager

The Groomsman Suit

“After trying 3 other email platforms, we were skeptical that we would ever find a service that met all of our needs. Klaviyo is the perfect balance between sophistication and ease of use, not to mention they are far more affordable than other options that do not offer as much value. We love what it has done for our business in a very short period of time.”

Jeanne Foley, Co-Founder

Breakaway Matcha

“Klaviyo has been the single most valuable tool in fueling the growth of Breakaway Matcha. Klaviyo is constantly making incremental improvements to their product, and so are we. They’re a great match for us.”

Eric Gower, Founder

Keto and Co

“Klaviyo makes it easy to visualize our customer journey and use segmentation to deliver content, offers, recipes, etc to relevant audiences.It took less than a day to create my account and send out my first email.”

Kim Corkum, Marketing Manager

Framed! by Sarah

“I’m not a technical person, but can run Klaviyo by myself. I can run a browse abandonment flow and send an email within minutes. I call it the ATM machine because it’s basically just spitting out money. I’ve never had a funnel setup like that before and the fact that I could do it and Klaviyo gives me the steps to do it and even gave me templates and emails to help me get started has been really powerful.”

Sarah Williams, Founder

Blue Summit Supplies

“Making the switch from MailChimp to Klaviyo was a gamechanger in leveraging the data of the marketing interactions we have with our Shopify customers. The Klaviyo interface is just as easy and intuitive as other user-friendly platforms, but the detailed analytics, targeting, and drip capabilities are so much more powerful than any I’ve seen.”

Shannon Miller, Director of Marketing

Pixel Empire

“Switching from MailChimp to Klaviyo was one of the smartest things our company has ever done. In less than a year we have seen a 10x growth in email marketing sales, and that all stems from Klaviyo’s unique ability to segment, automate, and integrate with many of our other apps.”

Dylan Audic, CEO

Kiss My Keto

“Klaviyo helps us build our brand, execute our marketing strategy, and drive serious revenue. It lets us develop rich relationships with our customers by sending relevant messages at the right time. Our revenue has grown over 40x!”

Kate Geller, Director

Bulldog Yoga

“Klaviyo has turned into a really valuable part of the sales and marketing strategy for our online yoga classes. The platform is very user friendly and intuitive. Klaviyo offers lots of flexibility for us to optimize flows, A/B test and customize communication as we see fit. Love the Zapier integration, too.”

Jon Cummins, Founder and Owner

Blu Shark

“By switching from MailChimp to Klaviyo, we were able to make email marketing the backbone of our business through intuitively built email flows based on easily defined customer segments. Better yet, integration with Shopify was a breeze and required no learning curve.”

Joe, Founder

Island Watch

“Coming from the over-complicated product of Listrak, Klaviyo was a breath of relief. Easy to set up, easy to maintain, easy to understand. I could kick myself for spending nearly 3x what I should have on my email marketing solution.”

Marc Frankel, President

Peggy Li

“When I switched my business to Klaviyo, I was very impressed by the tools available to create custom flows and responsive emails for my customers. I’m excited to continue to grow my business with them through targeted and timely emails!”

Peggy Li, Founder


“We tried half a dozen other email marketing tools, but as soon as we found Klaviyo it was clear we had our winner. It pulls in and manages customer data better than another tool so you can do some great granular targeting. It also has the easiest to understand system for automated email flows, and we’re now driving 23% of our revenue through those flows.”

Weldon Kennedy, Co-Founder

Hydro Jug

“Klaviyo has been an incredible tool for us at HydroJug because it gives me the ability to test. Everything from personalization, CTA buttons, CTA placements, copy, and send times. With Klaviyo as a partner of HydroJugs, we plan to be around for a LONG TIME!”

Gabrielc Gledhill, Marketing Director

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