The Fish Society uses Klaviyo to get more customers hooked

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The Fish Society is a high-end fishmonger that sells frozen produce to 100,000 discerning customers across the UK. The brand sells over 200 varieties of seafood and aims to give fish fans the same tasting experience as they’d have eating freshly-caught fish by the quayside. The business adopted Klaviyo as its marketing automation partner in 2018 when it created a new ecommerce website using Shopware.

Learn how the online fishmonger has personalised emails to drive 31% more repeat purchases


The Fish Society’s analysis has shown that after placing five orders, a customer is hooked (excuse the pun) and can be considered brand loyal. Persuading more buyers to reach the five-purchase marker is a key marketing priority, but a recent change in the customer profile has made customer retention more challenging. 

Today’s customers tend to be younger and less confident cooking with fish, and they’re likely to be shopping with The Fish Society for the first time when they’re planning a special occasion. This means the brand’s customer retention programme needs to work hard to educate and engage with buyers, in order to build brand loyalty.


Fully integrated with Shopware, Klaviyo’s customer data platform allows The Fish Society to segment its audience and create richly-personalised emails that speak to customers’ tastes and their level of proficiency in the kitchen. Customers can be segmented according to the kind of seafood selected, the content they’ve clicked on, and how many times they have purchased. The level of granularity and Klaviyo’s ease of use makes Amy Birse a happy marketing director.

The data in Klaviyo allows me to do really granular segmentation and I’ve got hundreds of segments. I can personalise emails according to whether people buy raw fish, prepared fish, recipe kits and so on. Tuna is a big category but I break it down further into sashimi tuna, tuna steaks, tuna fillets, tuna loin steaks, tuna burgers – I could go on!

Amy Birse, Marketing Director, The Fish Society


Amy uses Customer First Data™ to build email flows that are designed to nurture buyers and nudge them along to their next purchase. The welcome flow offers subscribers a discount on their first purchase. Subscribers who don’t respond receive an email from the chief executive introducing the company and explaining its ethos. The flow continues by sharing delicious fish recipes and seasonal offers to whet people’s appetite. 

Once they’ve taken the plunge, customers receive a series of post-purchase emails, which are tailored to the number of orders they’ve placed. Recipes and cooking videos provide menu inspiration and tips, and customers who interact with this content receive further personalised messages to drive repeat purchases. Gamification helps boost engagement – buyers receive a free utensil with their first five purchases to make up an exclusive set.

If a customer has previously bought sea bass, we’ll include a lovely recipe for sea bass fillets in the email, and if they interact with that content on any of our channels, we’ll follow up a few hours later with an offer for sea bass.

Amy Birse, Marketing Director, The Fish Society