How Premier Achieves a 12% Click Rate Using the Price Drop Trigger

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When Premier opened its doors in 2001, it was a small shop that endeavored to bring up-and-coming skateboarding products and brands to its community. Fast forward to present day, and owner Eric Blanding hasn’t wavered from that core mission. While he’s always relied on ecommerce, Eric says he’s now zeroing in on how to create a truly unique shopping experience for his customers online.

Owning a thriving brand for two decades will teach you a thing or two about running a business, catering to your customers, and implementing marketing tactics to effectively bring in sales.

Just ask Eric, who’s continuously—and successfully—run Premier for the past 20 years. 

A valuable lesson he’s learned as a business owner? The significantly positive impact of sending customized messages to his audience, based on their interests.

In Klaviyo, we can get really granular with our targeting, whether we’re using campaigns or flows. We’ll send specific products or messages to our audience based on information we already know about them, which we learn through our customer data.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier

Now, Eric’s ability to send personalized messages and create memorable customer experiences is getting even more advanced, thanks to Klaviyo’s new pre-built Price Drop Trigger automation.  

Life before the Price Drop Trigger

Entrepreneurs don’t have idle hours to waste. They’re moving at a mile a minute and often have to-do lists that extend well beyond what’s feasible to accomplish in a working day’s time.

Before the Price Drop Trigger came along, Eric had no automatic way of notifying his customers when he lowered the price on an item. And frankly, he didn’t have the time to come up with a solution.

Our product catalog is so big and I have so many other tasks to prioritize throughout the day that it never really occurred to me to set something like this up—partly because I don’t know how I would’ve gone about doing so. I’d probably have to find people, one by one, who viewed the product I changed the price for—that would’ve taken forever.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier

Even though some of the products Eric puts on sale eventually find their way into people’s shopping carts, he was still interested in giving the buying process—and the customer experience—a little extra boost.

A setup that takes seconds

As soon as Eric discovered the Price Drop Trigger automation in his flow library, it immediately intrigued him and he decided to give it a whirl.

Once I found the Price Drop Trigger, I was able to set it up almost instantaneously. It seemed like the flow was essentially ready to go—just click and let it run.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier

But Eric was hesitant to jump fully on board the Price Drop Trigger train. He wanted to gauge its performance and assess how his subscribers would respond to it before expanding to more of his catalog, so he spent a few days testing the waters.

Eric’s uncertainty was short-lived.

I’m already seeing super high open and click rates, like a 73% open rate and 12% click rate. And the way Klaviyo dynamically pulls the product image into the message is awesome. I could see a huge opportunity to incorporate SMS into this flow in the future.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier

It’s more than your usual sales email

It wasn’t just the fact that Eric could set up the Price Drop Trigger in seconds that sold him on this new automation. It was also the almost-overnight bump in revenue.

Although, it didn’t completely shock Eric to find this particular automation produced such impressive results.

The Price Drop Trigger has pulled in $4,005 during the short time I’ve had it on, but that’s somewhat expected. If there’s one automation that’s going to consistently convert, it’s going to be this one. You’re showing customers products you already know they’re interested in, just at a lower price. You’re giving them another, better reason to buy.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier
Screenshots of the price drop trigger setup in Klaviyo.

The real treat of the Price Drop Trigger, though, is how it progresses the old sales-based approach to discounts—both for customers and business owners alike.

Eric shared for price-conscious customers, the price drop messages feel more thoughtful than your standard run-of-the-mill sales promotion.

Price drop messages are like a courtesy to our customers. We know what caught their eye, and now we can send personalized messages that offer those products of interest at a lower price. It’s a positive, convenient experience for them.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier

And for marketers, the Price Drop trigger allows them to take a more proactive approach to sales by bringing discounted items directly to their subscribers, rather than shoppers having to seek them out. You don’t have to run promotions with the hope that people buy your products—it’s much more about getting the right ones to make a purchase.

Now our approach to communicating sales can be more deliberate and targeted to individual people.

Eric Blanding, Owner of Premier