Naked Copenhagen boosts open rates 5x with Klaviyo


increase in open rate


increase in click-through rate


decrease in email volume

In 2004, business partners and friends Tommas Olsen and Stine L. Pedersen spotted a niche the rest of the commercial world was ignoring: women’s sneakerhead culture.

Sneaker culture had exploded since the first pair of Air Jordans dropped in 1985, but before the early aughts, it was largely relegated to the world of men’s fashion. Since its inception, global ecommerce brand Naked Copenhagen has sought to change that.

Learn how Klaviyo segmentations helped Naked Copenhagen step up its marketing game


Naked Copenhagen boasts a diverse fanbase of female sneakerheads. But because its former email marketing tool didn’t embrace segmentation, Naked Copenhagen was speaking to all of them as if they were the same person. The consequences: decreased email engagement, falling open rates, and higher spam scores.


Naked Copenhagen adopted Klaviyo at the beginning of 2022. Since then, the company has significantly altered its email marketing strategy, including slashing the volume of emails by 44% and segmenting audiences to tailor different emails to different customers.

We identified Klaviyo because it was purpose-built for ecommerce. For the features we need—the automated flows, the segmentation tools available—this was the best resource out there.

Simon Hetland, Ecommerce manager, Naked Copenhagen


Thanks to Klaviyo’s sophisticated segmentation capabilities, Naked Copenhagen is able to send marketing messages based on the type of sneaker a customer purchases. If you purchase a pair of Nikes, for example, you enter an email flow that automatically sends you deals on Air Jordans, or notifications when new Nike inventory drops. And as a global brand, the team at Naked Copenhagen uses the power of segmentation to literally speak their customers’ language: In Klaviyo, Naked Copenhagen can segment customers by the language they speak and their country of origin, too.

Having a good email subscriber list, and a sophisticated segmentation strategy, is super important for us to continue to grow, because that’s a channel we can count on. It’s ours.

Simon Hetland, Ecommerce manager, Naked Copenhagen