Jenni Kayne grows email revenue while slashing total sends 43.8% with Klaviyo

Customer: Jenni KayneIndustry: Home and GardenPlatform: Shopify Plus


YoY reduction in total emails sent in Q1 2023


YoY increase in email revenue in Q1 2023


YoY increase in campaign click rate in Q1 2023

Jenni Kayne is a luxury apparel and home brand known for chic, California-inspired designs in timeless neutrals. Since 2002, the retailer has grown into a household name, with a thriving online store and 20+ brick-and-mortar locations.

To keep fans up to date on the latest launches, like the Jenni Kayne Home membership—which includes a flat 20% furniture discount and free virtual styling—the beloved lifestyle brand relies on Klaviyo.

Learn how Jenni Kayne used Klaviyo to craft the ultimate less-is-more email strategy


In 2023, Jenni Kayne wanted to elevate their branding to match their quality and price point. That meant rethinking how they used email.

Historically, the team had succeeded with a high-volume approach, sending Klaviyo campaigns as often as 3x a day during the holiday season.

But for a premium feel—and a stronger click rate—retention director Melissa Smith wanted to reduce send frequency. While still growing revenue.

“I’ve always advocated for less email,” says Smith. “It doesn’t feel like a luxury experience to be getting 3 emails a day.”

I’ve always advocated for less email. It doesn’t feel like a luxury experience to be getting 3 emails a day.
Melissa Smith
Director of retention, Jenni Kayne


After Black Friday 2022, Smith’s team pivoted to a more restrained, personalized email strategy.

They sent subscribers one targeted campaign per day, maximum, and ramped up creative personalization. They reduced flow frequency and launched new flows, like an active on site flow.

It worked. In Q1 2023, Jenni Kayne slashed total email volume by 43.8% YoY, and grew their total email revenue by 14.5%. Total revenue grew even more YoY: 22%.


Jenni Kayne was able to reduce email sends without sacrificing revenue or the luxury feel of their brand with 3 key tactics:

  • Sending interest-based campaigns: To ensure emails feel relevant, Jenni Kayne often sends different campaigns to apparel and home shoppers. Smith distinguishes the two audiences with Klaviyo segments based on purchase and browsing history, and zero-party interest data from Jenni Kayne’s email sign-up forms.
  • Inviting customers to meet in person: Jenni Kayne uses email to encourage in-person shopping, strategically sending online shoppers discount codes redeemable only in stores. And if a customer near a store abandons a $5K+ cart, their local store manager gets a Klaviyo notification to send 1:1 outreach.
  • Spotlighting rewards over discounts: When Jenni Kayne ramped down promo codes, they got “louder” about their rewards program, Smith says. She uses Klaviyo’s Yotpo integration to add dynamic banners to rewards users’ email sends, showing their points earned and redemption options.

Ultimately, Klaviyo has helped Jenni Kayne create an email strategy with a concierge feel—that still performs.

“Klaviyo really is our central point of reference for rewards, engagement, interests—all of that customer data,” says Smith.

Klaviyo really is our central point of reference for rewards, engagement, interests—all of that customer data.
Melissa Smith
Director of retention, Jenni Kayne
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