Happy V grows loyalty point redemptions from Klaviyo flows 6.6x YoY

Customer: Happy VIndustry: Health and BeautyPlatform: Shopify


YoY growth in YTD Klaviyo-attributed revenue in September 2023


YoY growth in YTD revenue from flows in September 2023


6.6x YoY growth in loyalty points redemptions attributed to Klaviyo flows in Q2 2023

Happy V began as a vaginal health brand, selling subscriptions to scientifically-backed products for common women’s health concerns—like strawberry-flavored, water-soluble D-mannose and cranberry stick packs for UTIs, and hybrid prebiotic-probiotic supplements for BV and yeast infections.

They’ve expanded into gut health and menopausal health products, too.

To retain their growing subscriber base, Happy V needs to stay abreast of their customers’ evolving needs, and consistently educate customers on their products’ long-term benefits. For that (and more), they turn to Klaviyo.

Learn how Happy V uses Klaviyo’s loyalty, surveys, and paid social integrations


When Happy V first started with Klaviyo, CMO Tatiana McDaniel stood up version 1 of the brand’s owned marketing.

She launched essential flows—like a welcome flow and an abandoned cart flow—and started sending general-interest campaigns.

But as the head of the whole marketing organization, she couldn’t build emails forever. She needed to hand the channel off, so she could focus on leadership and channel expansion.


The Happy V team found Growth Gurus through Klaviyo’s partner agency network, and they stood out from the other candidates.

“We were looking for a team that wasn’t just focused on execution, but also strategic thinking and planning,” McDaniel explains—and during a 90-day exploratory contract, Growth Gurus proved to be exactly that.

The agency created new visual branding for Happy V’s emails, built strategic new segments, and crafted custom messaging strategies for each segment to improve open rates and reduce unsubscribes.

Today, more than two years later, Growth Gurus continues to work with Happy V on their much more mature owned marketing program, powered by Klaviyo and 3 of its 300+ pre-built integrations with other apps.


Here’s how Happy V is using Klaviyo and its integrations to leak-proof its funnel—from acquisition to win-back efforts:

  • Acquisition: Happy V often turns their subscriber segment with an above-median AOV into a lookalike audience with Klaviyo’s Facebook integration, so “the algorithm can help us find more people who are willing to spend more on health and wellness products,” McDaniel says.
  • Retention: Happy V pulls loyalty data into Klaviyo via pre-built integration, and sends 7 loyalty-triggered flows—several of which are in their top 10 most revenue-driving automations. They also send quarterly campaigns to the segment of subscribers with 100+ points, reminding them to redeem.
  • Customer research: The wellness brand distributes Okendo surveys via Klaviyo flow, including a survey that specifically asks customers why they bought from Happy V. In Q3 2023, their survey submissions attributed to Klaviyo flows grew 75.2% QoQ.
  • Win-back: If survey respondents stop engaging with emails or unsubscribe from Happy V products, a flow sends their “why Happy V” response back to their inbox, encouraging them to return soon. The team also targets recent unsubscribers with win-back ads using the Facebook integration.

“Klaviyo integrations are very seamless,” says Lydia Di Capua, head of retention and CX at Happy V. “We didn’t need developer support to set them up, and we were able to clone all our loyalty flows into our Klaviyo, and build off of that. We’ve had a great experience with Klaviyo.”

Klaviyo integrations are very seamless. We didn’t need developer support to set them up.
Lydia di Capua
Head of retention and CX, Happy V
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