Case Study

Results at-a-glance:

  • Looking to create another revenue-generating channel, The Brand Outlet turned to Klaviyo to help create a more cost-effective SMS strategy.
  • In just a few hours, the brand collected phone numbers and consent for thousands of customers ahead of Cyber Weekend 2019, which drove thousands of dollars in increased sales.
  • The brand is already seeing SMS click rates above 20 percent with engagement improving every day.


Known for stocking some of the most well-known fragrance and makeup brands at deep discounts, The Brand Outlet was one of the first brands in line to start using Klaviyo SMS. Having some prior experience with SMS, the brand knew they needed a more cost-effective SMS strategy and turned to Klaviyo, which they’d been using successfully for email marketing for nearly a year and a half.

With Klaviyo SMS, The Brand Outlet wanted to change their SMS strategy and use it as another revenue-producing channel. In 2018, The Brand Outlet generated nearly 15 percent of its revenue from Klaviyo so they had confidence that Klaviyo SMS would deliver the results they wanted.

With SMS and email together in Klaviyo, The Brand Outlet was excited to have all their data in one place so they could save time, resources, and the brainpower it takes to manage multiple platforms.

With their anticipation for SMS building, The Brand Outlet wanted to get started quickly, and Klaviyo enabled a fast and painless setup experience.

“Getting started with Klaviyo SMS was fast and simple, much like what we’ve come to expect from everything we do in Klaviyo.” - Heather Paton van der Walt, Graphic Designer, The Brand Outlet

Once the SMS setup was complete, The Brand Outlet needed to collect phone numbers and consent. To collect more phone numbers, The Brand Outlet updated their Klaviyo signup forms to include an area to collect phone numbers in their footer. They also included phone number collection in their Cyber Weekend popup that asked people to subscribe for exclusive updates.

Through those efforts, The Brand Outlet was able to collect thousands of phone numbers in a relatively short period of time.

As part of their broader marketing strategy, The Brand Outlet created a specific Cyber Weekend automation for those who signed up for SMS through one of their targeted forms. The flow in Klaviyo drove people to exclusive sales and promotions. The content of the text messages used urgency to drive action and their customers responded positively to this new communications channel.

The Brand Outlet found that the costs of the text messages paid for themselves four times over given the results they saw with the flow they set up for Cyber Weekend. One of the main reasons these SMS messages were so successful was because The Brand Outlet seamlessly personalized everything. Each text included data that’s stored on the customer’s profile, which only took a couple of clicks to add to the message.

“Personalizing text messages in Klaviyo is simple—there's virtually no learning curve. We immediately started using the same personalization techniques that we use with email marketing in our new SMS strategy. works the same way as it does with email, so there was no learning curve. We immediately started using the same personalization techniques that we use with email in our new SMS strategy.” - Heather Paton van der Walt, Graphic Designer, The Brand Outlet

The Brand Outlet immediately added text messages to their key flows—welcome series, abandoned cart, and browse abandonment. Their big addition to their SMS strategy, though, was an SMS-only Valentine’s Day browse abandonment flow. This includes a two-message sequence with fun Valentine’s Day messaging and an offer for free shipping. They’re also running a test on their content to see if they should use more emojis to drive more purchases. 

The Brand Outlet has built out all of these SMS experiences to test their effectiveness and the response they see from their customers. While SMS and email metrics can’t be compared directly (they’re currently sending many more emails than text messages), so far the results the Brand Outlet is seeing with SMS are strong.

Across all of their flows, The Brand Outlet is initially experiencing click rates of approximately 20 percent—a click rate that’s much higher than what the brand typically sees with email—and week to week, they’re seeing click rates improve as they expand their SMS subscriber base on test their content.

“Based on our previous experience with SMS, we expected text messages to generate a lot of clicks. And while we still need to send more text messages for a true comparison to email, we’re extremely excited to see higher click rates that are improving every week.” - Kelsey Taylor, E-commerce Manager, The Brand Outlet

In a matter of hours, The Brand Outlet set up SMS in Klaviyo, collected phone numbers and consent from their customers, and generated revenue from personalized text messages.

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