How Dana Rebecca Designs increases revenue from existing customers using Klaviyo

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of revenue attributed to Klaviyo from Aug 2021 to Aug 2022


of revenue from flows recovered from abandoned carts in the same time period


average open rate for flows emails from Aug 2021 to Aug 2022

Dana Rebecca started her fine jewelry business 15 years ago to empower women to feel special everyday. Her goal is to help women feel special with their jewelry, whether wearing the pieces with a white t-shirt and jeans or dressing up for an occasion. In 2019, Dana Rebecca Designs began using Klaviyo to help build strong customer relationships.

Learn how Klaviyo’s automated flows generate more revenue for Dana Rebecca Designs 


It’s no secret that consumers buy from the brands they feel the strongest connections with, and the same is true for jewelry. Dana Rebecca Designs knows their jewelry is a personal purchase rooted in thought and care, and is rarely a spur of the moment decision. They seek to build strong customer loyalty through long term relationships and maximize revenue with existing customers.


Dana Rebecca Designs focuses on crafting messages that resonate with each individual customer to build those long-term relationships. With Klaviyo’s powerful A/B testing functionality, the team can easily find which variations of subject lines and email copy are the most effective. They use Klaviyo’s robust segmentation abilities to group customers based on their purchasing behavior and automated flows to ensure they’re sending targeted messaging throughout the customer lifecycle, including when customers abandon carts.

In Klaviyo, you can cater your messaging based on if they’re a first time customer or they’re a repeat customer. I think that allows you to get really personalized with your messaging and make people feel like they know that they’re already a part of your brand.

Blair Peterson, VP of strategy for Dana Rebecca Designs


Klaviyo’s automated flows are a part of the core of Dana Rebecca Designs’ marketing strategy. Flows empower the team to reach the customer at each point in the customer journey, like when a customer abandons a cart. Their abandoned cart flow sorts the customer by purchasing behavior like product category and whether the customer is a first time or repeat purchaser.

The team uses A/B testing to ensure each message in the automated flows is delivering maximum results. They test each element of the email, including which voice resonates more with men versus women or with a self purchaser versus a gift giver, and which images drive more conversions.

Another great thing about Klaviyo is the ability to split test and AB test, and think about the placement of your CTA. It’s all about not giving too much away in the email, but making sure that you’re engaging people so that they want to click to the site and experience more.

Blair Peterson, VP of strategy for Dana Rebecca Designs