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The smarter, easier CDP built for faster results

Klaviyo CDP gives your data superpowers, driving more revenue for your business—no additional resources or lengthy implementations required.


Ruffwear uses Klaviyo CDP to put rich insights into even richer revenue-driving actions

Klaviyo CDP opened doors to data that we should have been using all along, right where we want it. It’s great for our lean team that we can just go ahead and utilize data from Klaviyo CDP to send emails, without any additional synchronization.
Ernie Kucera, digital marketing manager
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Quicker insights. Quicker action.

Uncover deep insights to reach customers at key points in their journeys to increase retention and drive revenue.

RFM analysis
Model future customer behavior and create smarter segments by scoring and grouping customers by their purchase behavior.

Funnel analysis
Pinpoint areas of optimization by easily visualizing customer journeys and filtering by audiences.

Product analysis
Promote the right products at the right time through purchase pattern insights for each product in your catalog.

Audience performance
Identify top segments faster and compare audiences at scale, so you can determine where to focus and understand negative trends.

Custom CLV
Customize your prediction window to match your purchase cycle and enhance how you forecast customer lifetime value.

A "We miss you" email on a phone, triggered by a flow when someone is added to the RFM Needs Attention segment

Better data. Better results.

Trust you have clean, reliable data for better targeting and personalization—without any IT involvement.

Identity resolution
Unify behaviors and profiles for a 360° view of your customer using robust tracking and deterministic profile merging.

Data transformation
Reformat, standardize, and manipulate data for easier segmentation and personalization.

Custom metrics
Hone in on performance indicators by defining metrics specific to your business for accurate and flexible reporting.

Data objects (coming soon)
Unlock new ways to store and use your data—from including orders in email templates to triggering flows off a child’s birthday.

Snippets of the product showing Transformation and how to set rules for standardizing data

Connect everything. Personalize everywhere.

With more ways to send more real-time data, you can personalize every experience, turning one-time customers into lifetime loyalists.

Group membership API
Deliver dynamically personalized web experiences by querying a website visitor’s segment or list membership in real time.

Data syncing
Connect your data warehouse in seconds, giving you—and others across your business—more data to work with.

Send real-time data to other tools in your stack (like Slack or your CRM) to keep everything and everyone in sync.

Write Python or Javascript directly in Klaviyo to build limitless unique experiences, including pre-built recipes for inspiration.

A tablet showing a website that says "Welcome back!" personalized for a recent purchases segment

Klaviyo CDP extends the power of Klaviyo

Supercharge your data—and your growth.


Klaviyo + CDP


Standard marketing performance and insights
Out-of-the-box predictive analytics

Advanced audience-level reporting + visualizations
Flexible predictive modeling


Best-in-class omnichannel marketing automation

Power personalized onsite experiences
Expanded insights-driven use cases
Execute custom functions

Data management/manipulation

Raw data formatting

Robust no-code transformation tooling to standardize and transform data for accurate segmentation and reporting

Data syncing

Trigger individual webhooks in a flow for marketing use cases

Real-time and periodic data syncs via expanded webhooks and data warehouse connections


Simple setup with 350+ pre-built integrations
No preconfigured schema required

Minimal additional setup and implementation

CDP pricing

Get to know Klaviyo CDP with a 30-day free trial

Pricing is based on total number of profiles.

  • Discounted pricing at volume
  • No setup or implementation costs
  • Free trials available to Klaviyo customers with a paid plan

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A customer data platform is a tool that serves as a brand’s single source of truth about its customers. It can pull customer data from multiple sources, structure that data, and make it available to other systems throughout the brand’s tech stack.

However, it’s important to note that CDP capabilities vary greatly from one platform to the next. Some don’t offer much more than a persistent, unified database. Others, like Klaviyo, include additional capabilities to help you do more — and even replace multiple pieces of software with one seamless solution. Klaviyo’s CDP is a unified database at its core, but on top of that, it’s designed to help you store your data, analyze it, and use it all more effectively.